Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Sunday 24th April, 2011

After having got Katie and Taylor to sleep around 1.00am it still took me a bit of time to fall asleep.  I was woken up at around 3.20am with Katie needing to go to the toilet, coughing and dry reaching.  I got up to her and she said she was feeling sick and her tummy hurt.  No wonder, what with all the eating, drinking and all the dancing she did last night.

She soon settled down to go to sleep once again and it took me ages to fall back to sleep.  No sooner had I drifted off it seemed, I could hear Katie and Taylor talking.  I looked at the clock and it was 7.23 am.  Knowing there was no point staying in bed I got up and had a shower.  Tony had one soon after and then we got the girls some breakfast.  They wanted the cereal and so Tony and I had the toast.

After breakfast they went 'visiting' the others who had stayed the night.  While they were gone I left them their Easter surprises.  They were very excited when they came back and saw what had been left for them.   They then went and gave Tori and Tanecia their Easter eggs and as I had some spare the other kids got some as well.  Everyone was happy!

While the others were having breakfast and getting organised to leave, Tony and I took the girls over to the playground for a while.  We went for a walk around the Patawalonga, watched a boat go through the lock and had a walk around the Marina.

It was time to head back.  Rick, Dianne, Tori and Craig decided to catch a tram into the city and then a bus back home.  Jodi asked if it was OK to take Tanecia with us, which it was.  We headed off looking for a coffee shop.  We got to North Adelaide and went to the bakery.  The girls had a pie and sausage roll with a hot chocolate, while Tony and I had a  sandwich each with a coffee.

Got home and the first thing Katie did was to see if her note to Easter Bunny was still under the mat at the front door.  She jumped up and down and was so excited to see it had gone.  (Tony took it before we left Saturday). 

Before we left on Saturday I had scattered a few eggs throughout the house and left some goodies for her on the coffee table.  I had also kept a carrot top from dinner the night before and put that out with some water.

She quickly opened the door, looked down the passage and squealed with delight "He's been, the Easter Bunny's been. I knew he would come Nanna."

Tanecia and Katie both had a nap this afternoon.  It was lovely just to have some quiet time after the last 24 hours.  Around 4.15 pm we left to drop Katie off.  Tanecia came with us and after we met up with Kahra we went off to get pizza for dinner.  Our favourite pizza shop at West Beach was closed but we found another one on Grange Road.  It was  yum....I think I liked it better.

After finding a place in which to eat our pizza we dropped Tanecia off at Jodi's.  Troy and Jodi are not having a honeymoon at this time as they are wanting to buy another house.  They said they would most probably go away sometime around September which would be their honeymoon.

Tony and I came home and we both just crashed.  I was so tired. We had a coffee and I was struggling to stay awake, so off to bed I went.

From the two angels.......NOT! (they are making out to be asleep)

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