Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Friday 22nd April, 2011

Today is Good Friday.  We woke up early, had our breakfast of hot cross buns and then I had to ring Jodi to get her to bring around the other pack of place cards.

While waiting for her to show up Kahra rang and said, that seeing they were going to be up our way later on this afternoon, they would drop Katie off.  I was happy with that as it let me get a few more jobs done, like the ironing and it gave Tony a chance to clean the car.

Jodi arrived soon after and was so happy with the cards that I had printed.  (thank goodness).  I got her to stay around while I printed off the rest of the names.  She said she would  add some bling to the swirls.   With a little help from Tony and I, she also worked out what she wanted to say in her vows.

She also asked Tony to put her song, that she wanted to walk in with, onto a CD.   She is going to use the song "Wrapped Up In You" as her bridal walk song.  Later on tonight we have to go and pick up the portable stereo from Dianne's place and take it with us tomorrow.  Hopefully she will also have the ribbons cut by then.

Called into Rick and Dianne's place and it was pandemonium there, lol.  Picked up the stereo, the wishing well Jodi wants to use and also got the tulle to be used for the bows.  I don't know if I can tie them the way Jodi wants me to though.

From the Lens............the place cards

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