Sunday, April 3, 2011

Daylight Saving Ends

Sunday 3rd April, 2011

Daylight Saving has finished for another year :-(.  It will take me a week to get used to the time again.  I think daylight saving should be in the winter months.  I would love a bit of extra daylight during winter. 

Oh, I know people will start work in the dark and kids will go to school in the dark, but hey it's not for long.....maybe an hour or so.  Anyway nothings better than being up early and watching the dawn break.  Says she, who has slept in the last couple of mornings...........hehehehe.

Last night we went to the movies.  We ended up going to the Piccadilly Cinemas in North Adelaide and watching "Lincoln Lawyer".  What a great movie!!!  Tony and I both enjoyed it.  It was my type of movie. 

Another movie that I am definitely going to see is "Water for Elephants".  That is being released sometime in May.  Also we will have to take Katie to see "Rio", a movie about a little blue parrot who can't fly and goes off to Rio to meet another blue parrot who will teach him how to fly.  The trailer looked good. 

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