Friday, April 8, 2011

Crossed Wires

Friday 8th April, 2011

Another gorgeous day in paradise though it's a little more windy today.  Beware!!! hayfever sufferers.
I've got to venture out later on this afternoon, go and meet Tony and then pick Katie up.  I assume we are having her this weekend, I haven't heard anything to the contrary.

After meeting Tony we went to where we meet Katie and waited and waited.  I finally rang Kahra and they were home.  She said that she thought it was next week that we were having her.  I explained to her that I needed her this weekend because if we were going to go to Jodi's wedding (btw I still haven't got my invite, but that's nothing unusual for Jodi) we still had to go and get something for her to wear.

In the past, when Katie has missed a week we usually have her the following week.  Kahra had also booked Katie into the Doctors for Saturday morning as she had been complaining of earache during the week.  It was arranged for us to meet at the usual place after Katie had been to the Doctor.  I don't know if we'll have her Sunday as well or just for Saturday.

Kahra was rather surprised when I told her that Jodi was getting married on Easter Saturday.  I had already told her when Jodi first announced the date for the wedding so that she would take a note and keep it free so that we could have Katie, and again two weeks ago at her birthday dinner. 

Her remark was, "Oh, who gets married at Easter?"  I always thought that it was a popular time of year to get married, as I remember many years ago they always referred to the "Easter Bride".  Maybe these days it's not fashionable to get married at Easter.

From the Lens...........ready to have my morning coffee, with the sun coming through the window 

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