Monday, April 4, 2011

The Cleaning Fairies Should Read This

Monday 4th April, 2011

A new week and it looks like it will be housework all week for me.  I have neglected it the last couple of weeks and thinking we were going to have Katie on the weekend I didn't bother doing too much last week.  I hope the cleaning fairy comes to visit and stays for a few days, better still, moves in permanently.

I want a cleaner!!!  Tony are you reading this?  I know, you have told me before that I wouldn't be happy if I had a cleaner because they wouldn't do the cleaning how I like it to be done.   Think about this though, I am not as fussy as I used to be.  

At least yesterday I got all the ironing done.  That's a start and now I gotta make a start on getting this house in order.  I also want to start doing the spring cleaning.  It's only autumn I hear you say.  Well I prefer to do my spring cleaning during May and June.  That way the house gets closed up for winter and stays a lot cleaner. 

Do it in September or October and you can bet we will have a dust storm and I've gone out and left the windows open.  Plus, the weather is a lot nicer during spring......I don't want to spend it indoors cleaning.

Tony normally takes some holidays and helps with the spring cleaning, he washes the ceilings and walls, helps clean the windows, takes down the curtains, moves the heavy furniture and shampoos the carpet.  This year he can't as he hasn't got enough days to take off for holidays until September.  Usually we take about 3 weeks to go through the whole house.

From the polish and dusting cloth ready

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