Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Day

Friday April 1st, 2011

Today is April Fool's Day.  Did you get tricked?  Listening to the radio this morning apparently Ikea took out an advert advertising high chairs for dogs and some wag rang to say that petrol was selling for $1.00 a litre at Flindersville.

A lot of people rang wanting to know where Flindersville was and the reply was just up the road past the shopping centre.  It was finally revealed that no such place existed.  It sucked a lot of people in......bwahahaha!!!  With petrol going up to 151.9 cents per litre this morning I don't blame those people thinking a petrol station was selling it for a $1.oo per litre.

Seeing we weren't having Katie this weekend, we decided to go and get the Easter eggs for the girls.  So after I met Tony and we had our coffee we went in search of the Easter Bunny.   I like to buy something a bit different than the usual run of the mill Cadbury or Lindt chocolates so this year I went to Myers, Haighs Chocolates and Darrell Lea.   I love Ernest Hillier chocolate at Easter so I got some of theirs and I ended up getting some mini Lindt bunnies and bugs.  

From the Lens........... a selection of the Easter goodies

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