Monday, April 18, 2011

Another Monday Comes Around

Monday 18th April, 2011

Today was a do much of nothing day.  I just did some laundry and a tidy around.  Also managed to do a bit of ironing.  Jodi rang this morning.  She said that her and the girls didn't get home until around 6.00am yesterday morning.  I wasn't game to ask her what they ended up doing.  She also mentioned that she had got her wedding dress delivered this morning.

Apparently a lot of girls now order their wedding and or bridesmaid dresses from overseas.  I have heard good and bad reviews.  She said that she was happy with hers, but I felt that she was leaving it a bit late to get it with Easter being so close.  She was going to take it to her mums to try it on.  Let's hope it doesn't need altering.

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