Saturday, April 30, 2011

123 Days Until Spring

Saturday 30th April, 2011

Another month gone, one more month to go and then we will be into Winter and soon it will be Spring again.  123 days to be exact........Yaayyyyy!!!!

We have been spoilt with some perfect weather lately, but then all good things must come to an end.  This morning we woke up to grey, overcast skies.  About mid morning the rain came, mainly drizzle, and the temperature dropped.   Brrr it got cold!!!  We have had the heater on since early afternoon.

I made those Florentines.   I used Special K, 99% fat free condensed milk, pineapple pieces, pawpaw pieces and mango pieces and some crushed walnuts.  They are soooo yummy! 

When they cooled I drizzled some white chocolate on them.
The quantities I used were all guess work but it seems it all worked out.  Will definitely be making them again.

From the Lens............

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Wedding

Friday 29th April, 2011

Can I say I'm excited?  Today is the Royal Wedding and I get to sit in front of the TV for about 6 hours to watch it and all the pomp and ceremony that only England can do.

Before that though I have to go shopping.  Tony said that he would cook another bar-b-que for tea, which would let me watch the telly uninterrupted.  Love you Tone!!!

After going up to the Village we also ended up going out to Elizabeth Shopping Centre as I wanted to go to Charlesworth Nuts to get some fruit pieces.  I want to make some Florentines. 

Yesterday while at Tanunda, I bought a home made packet of Tropical Florentines and they were so yummy.  They were made with corn flakes and condensed milk with some fruit and nuts.  Look so easy to do so I am going to have a go.

Well, William and Kate are now husband and wife.  She looked stunning (at times she looked a bit like Princess Mary, who is married to Prince Frederik of Denmark).  Loved the ceremony, simple and to the point.  Adored her dress and the gorgeous lace and her sister looked just as beautiful.

William was handsome in his outfit and I felt sad that his mother, Diana, was not there to see him on this day.  She would have been so proud.  One can see a lot of Diana in William, especially the shyness.

Now onto what I didn't like.  Firstly the Queen could have chosen a colour other than yellow.  It made her look too wishy washy. 

Catherine's mother could have done something with her hair, her dress was lovely but her hair looked very ordinary.

Elton John looked as if he wasn't well, to me he looked as if he had trouble walking.
And what was with those hats, the ones that sat on the forehead.  The only one I liked was Victoria Beckhams'.  Perhaps she could wear hers better than the others.  

Princess Beatrice's hat looked as if hers was a bubble blower.  I suppose these type of 'hats' will now take over the fascinators.

The authorities estimated the crowd that lined the route was around one million people.  Kate said it all when she and William walked out onto the balcony and she exclaimed, "Wow!".

I took most of these photos from the TV screen.   It was just like being there in person.  I hope that they have a more successful marriage than his parents did and that the paparazzi leave them alone and let them get on with their lives.
From the Lens............what the world was waiting for

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Barossa Valley Vintage Festival

Thursday 28th April, 2011

This morning we decided to go to the Barossa Vintage Festival.  Today was Tanunda's turn.  The Festival is held  every couple of years and it marks the end of the grape harvest. 

The Barossa Valley is a well known grape growing region in South Australia, only about an hours drive from Adelaide, and home to some of the world's most famous wine labels.  There's Penfolds, Jacobs Creek, Seppelts, Lehmann Wines, and Orlando to name a few.

We called into Robyn and Bob's and they came along as well.  Tanunda was going to host a street fair and so we thought we would go and have a look.  It has been more than 20 years since we last attended a festival.  Maybe it's because I'm not a wine drinker.

Another reason I wanted to go was because the local businesses, the residents and the vineyards put up scarecrows.  Well, what a disappointment!!!  There were no scarecrows in the vineyards, a few in peoples front yards and a few in front of the local businesses. 

One resident in Tanunda went all out and decorated their front yard.  It was awesome!!!  We were allowed to wander in the yard and take photos.  It's a shame more residents didn't follow.

As for the wineries, they were a big disappointment too.  We only saw one winery that made any effort, Jacobs Creek.  Oh well, the other wineries wouldn't get any of our business if we were going wine tasting (which we didn't).

We enjoyed walking along the street looking at all the different handicrafts, produce and food on offer.  Listened to a few bands and some street theatre and watched some grape crushing.  We had lunch at the local hotel.  After lunch we went for a drive to Nuriootpa then onto Angaston and to Bethany looking for scarecrows.......found the most on the Bethany road.

Grape crushing

It was after 5.00pm when we dropped Robyn and Bob back home and after a coffee we came home.  The weather again was perfect and we all had a fun time.

From the Lens...........

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Public Holidays Have Flown By

Wednesday 27th April, 2011

I can't believe where the last five days have gone.  We have just had a five day break due to Easter and Anzac Day holiday and the days have flown by.  I am not really complaining, we have had the perfect weather to get out and about. 

Tony has got the next three days off.  He decided to take holidays seeing this week is a short week.  We have got nothing planned, just to have some quiet time at home and take things as each day comes.

Later on we have to go out and get in some supplies to replenish the pantry and fridge.  I've got a laundry full of washing so I will have to make a start on that.  They say the weather is going to get a bit cooler around Saturday and we may get some rain.

The service stations have been kind to us.  Each week they 'discount' the petrol and then one of the days during the week they put the price up.  It only lasts a day or so and the price comes down again.  If you want cheaper petrol you have to try and guess when it is going to go up and fill up the car before it does. 

Normally whenever there is a Public Holiday they always put up the price of petrol.  This time they didn't.  The price of petrol has been about the same for the last fortnight.  Good for us, the car owners! 

Because the market is mostly governed by Woolworths(Caltex) and Coles (Shell), most of the smaller and Independant service stations have to try and compete and so they have their petrol prices at around the same price.  It's just a matter of time before they are squeezed out of the market.

From the Lens...........

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Robyn!

Tuesday 26th April, 2011

Happy Birthday Robyn!!  We hope you have a wonderful day and a year where all your dreams and wishes come true.

Robyn and Bob came around this morning and we all headed off to the Hampstead Hotel where we had lunch for Robyn's birthday.  After lunch we went up to Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills.  It was the first time Robyn and Bob had gone through the Heysen Tunnels.  They don't normally travel on the freeway when going to Hahndorf or the surrounding areas.  Seeing they live at Gawler they travel through Gumeracha and Birdwood.

I wanted to get some cleaning products.  I like to use Tri Nature and I remembered that there was a shop in Hahndorf that sells them.  We eventually found it but had to order in the cleaning products and so it looks as if there will be another trip up there in the near future.

We had a wander up the street and looked in a few shops.  The town was very busy with tourists.  We stopped to have an icecream and a coffee.  Robyn and I went and had a look at the Fantasy Walk-Through Cave in Misty Hollow.  It contains scenes from the novel "Wind in the Willows".  The shop itself is crammed full of all sorts of childrens gifts like toys, jewellery, fairy figurines, kites and games.

Around 5.00pm we decided to head back to Adelaide and called into work for a toilet break.  While there Tony checked out a problem that he had phone calls about during the day.  Everything seemed to be fine.  We ended up getting back home close to 8.00pm after having enjoyed our afternoon. 

From the Lens............

Monday, April 25, 2011

Anzac Day

Monday 25th April, 2011

Today is Anzac Day.  It is a day that Australians and New Zealanders, (that's where the name Anzac comes from), remember those who gave up their lives in sacrifice for others during World War 1 and World War 2.   The true Anzacs fought in World War 1 when they landed on the shores of Gallipoli. 

It is also a time to remember those who have fought and died in other wars since then and those who have lost their lives recently and the others who are still fighting in various war zones throughout the world today.

Today for us was a very quiet day.  We didn't have to get up so early this morning which was great.  Tony spent most of the day editing the wedding video.  I have yet to see it.  I have been catching up on emails and blog hopping.  I did do a bit of a tidy up.   Robyn rang and invited us out for lunch tomorrow. 

From the Lens...........

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Sunday 24th April, 2011

After having got Katie and Taylor to sleep around 1.00am it still took me a bit of time to fall asleep.  I was woken up at around 3.20am with Katie needing to go to the toilet, coughing and dry reaching.  I got up to her and she said she was feeling sick and her tummy hurt.  No wonder, what with all the eating, drinking and all the dancing she did last night.

She soon settled down to go to sleep once again and it took me ages to fall back to sleep.  No sooner had I drifted off it seemed, I could hear Katie and Taylor talking.  I looked at the clock and it was 7.23 am.  Knowing there was no point staying in bed I got up and had a shower.  Tony had one soon after and then we got the girls some breakfast.  They wanted the cereal and so Tony and I had the toast.

After breakfast they went 'visiting' the others who had stayed the night.  While they were gone I left them their Easter surprises.  They were very excited when they came back and saw what had been left for them.   They then went and gave Tori and Tanecia their Easter eggs and as I had some spare the other kids got some as well.  Everyone was happy!

While the others were having breakfast and getting organised to leave, Tony and I took the girls over to the playground for a while.  We went for a walk around the Patawalonga, watched a boat go through the lock and had a walk around the Marina.

It was time to head back.  Rick, Dianne, Tori and Craig decided to catch a tram into the city and then a bus back home.  Jodi asked if it was OK to take Tanecia with us, which it was.  We headed off looking for a coffee shop.  We got to North Adelaide and went to the bakery.  The girls had a pie and sausage roll with a hot chocolate, while Tony and I had a  sandwich each with a coffee.

Got home and the first thing Katie did was to see if her note to Easter Bunny was still under the mat at the front door.  She jumped up and down and was so excited to see it had gone.  (Tony took it before we left Saturday). 

Before we left on Saturday I had scattered a few eggs throughout the house and left some goodies for her on the coffee table.  I had also kept a carrot top from dinner the night before and put that out with some water.

She quickly opened the door, looked down the passage and squealed with delight "He's been, the Easter Bunny's been. I knew he would come Nanna."

Tanecia and Katie both had a nap this afternoon.  It was lovely just to have some quiet time after the last 24 hours.  Around 4.15 pm we left to drop Katie off.  Tanecia came with us and after we met up with Kahra we went off to get pizza for dinner.  Our favourite pizza shop at West Beach was closed but we found another one on Grange Road.  It was  yum....I think I liked it better.

After finding a place in which to eat our pizza we dropped Tanecia off at Jodi's.  Troy and Jodi are not having a honeymoon at this time as they are wanting to buy another house.  They said they would most probably go away sometime around September which would be their honeymoon.

Tony and I came home and we both just crashed.  I was so tired. We had a coffee and I was struggling to stay awake, so off to bed I went.

From the two angels.......NOT! (they are making out to be asleep)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Wedding Day Has Arrived

Saturday April 23rd, 2011

Well the big day has arrived!  We were up early so that I could get Katie to her hairdresser's appointment at 9.00 am.  She was so looking forward to having her hair done, she wanted it to be curly.  When the hairdresser had finished she was so so happy with it.  She couldn't wait to get home and show Poppa and he loved it!!!

I had another shower and washed my hair, I prefer to do my hair myself.  While we were out Jodi had rung and wanted us to pick up the bottles of bubbles on our way to the gardens.  Katie couldn't wait to get herself dressed, and by the time I had finished my hair she was asking "When can we go?"

Instead of sitting around and listening to that for the next hour we decided we may as well leave now and sit around at the Botanic gardens.  We called into Diannes to get the bubbles and headed off for the gardens.  I tied the bows onto the columns, (not the way Jodi showed me),  but they looked alright.  Checked the stereo for the volume of the music, and that was good, they should be able to hear it from the top of the archway. 

Tony and Katie went and got us something to eat for lunch from the kiosk and then we just sat and waited.  Troy and his attendants arrived soon after.  He looked very

Around quarter to two Tony went to the Conservatory gates as he wanted to video her arrival.  This is from where Jodi was going to enter.  He was soon back letting me know that she had already arrived.   I had to go and collect the girls purses and then come back to let the celebrant know so that she could get most of the guests seated.

Oh my, the girls looked stunning.  Jodi had chosen a black and white theme, the older girls in black and the younger girls in white.  The ceremony was short and simple with Troy getting emotional while saying his vows.

Then it was off for photos, socialising and more photos.  While they all went to various places in the park for photos I stayed behind to tidy up and look after the things left behind.
I rang Tony to see how things were going and he and Katie came back soon after.

We then headed down to Glenelg and the Watermark Hotel as that is where the dinner was going to be held.  They also have a motel attached to the Hotel and some of us were staying there for the night.  When we got there Troy had already organised the rooms for us.

Dianne and I went and started to decorate the tables.  Jodi had given us the plan of the seating earlier.  Troys uncle is one of the head chefs at the Watermark and he prepared for us a beautiful 3 course meal.  The food was delicious.  Everyone had a great time feasting and dancing.

By 11.30 pm we headed back to the motel and got ourselves organised for bed.  Taylor -Marie ended up sleeping in our room with Katie.  Getting them to go to sleep was the problem.  They could hear the others running around, shouting and they kept knocking on our door and making the girls laugh.  I think by 1.00am everything had settled down.

All I wanted was some sleep!!!

From the Lens..........Jodi and Troy

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Friday 22nd April, 2011

Today is Good Friday.  We woke up early, had our breakfast of hot cross buns and then I had to ring Jodi to get her to bring around the other pack of place cards.

While waiting for her to show up Kahra rang and said, that seeing they were going to be up our way later on this afternoon, they would drop Katie off.  I was happy with that as it let me get a few more jobs done, like the ironing and it gave Tony a chance to clean the car.

Jodi arrived soon after and was so happy with the cards that I had printed.  (thank goodness).  I got her to stay around while I printed off the rest of the names.  She said she would  add some bling to the swirls.   With a little help from Tony and I, she also worked out what she wanted to say in her vows.

She also asked Tony to put her song, that she wanted to walk in with, onto a CD.   She is going to use the song "Wrapped Up In You" as her bridal walk song.  Later on tonight we have to go and pick up the portable stereo from Dianne's place and take it with us tomorrow.  Hopefully she will also have the ribbons cut by then.

Called into Rick and Dianne's place and it was pandemonium there, lol.  Picked up the stereo, the wishing well Jodi wants to use and also got the tulle to be used for the bows.  I don't know if I can tie them the way Jodi wants me to though.

From the Lens............the place cards

Thursday, April 21, 2011

You Want Me To Do What?

Thursday 21st April, 2011

Jodi rang early this morning and now wants me to make up some place cards for the dinner after the wedding.  It is not a real reception, just a few of their closest friends and some family getting together to celebrate their wedding.  As I had to go out later she is going to drop off the list and cards tonight.

I went to the Plaza to do a bit of last minute shopping and while there saw this gorgeous Easter candle burner that I had to  I then went into town to meet Tony.  We got home just after seven and Jodi rang, "Is it alright if I come around tomorrow with the cards etc?".

Not ever having done this type of thing before, I said that I would prefer to make a start on them tonight in case they didn't turn out and she had to make alternate plans. While waiting for her to come Tony and I got the girls' Easter eggs wrapped up.  Around 9.30pm she showed up but with only one pack of the place cards. 

After she left Tony and I worked out how to set up a template to print them.  After a few trial runs onto plain paper we got them worked out and so I printed the names onto the cards.  To me, they looked quite good.  Let's hope Jodi likes them when she sees them.

From the Lens..........Easter candle burner

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Am I Ready For Easter.....No!!!

Wednesday 20th April, 2011

I've got a hairdressers appointment for later this afternoon and then I've got to do the grocery shopping.  This Easter we get a 5 day break due to Anzac Day falling on Easter Monday, which means we have the Tuesday off as the holiday for it.  This is around the latest Easter can be. 

I don't know when we will ever get a 5 day break again.  This is the first time I can ever remember having a 5 day break for Easter/Anzac Day.

After shopping Tony and I went out for dinner, came home and started putting the groceries away.  Jodi had rung earlier and wanted to come over and cut up the ribbon for me so that I can put it up on Saturday.  Soon after we got home, Tanecia rang to say that Jodi wouldn't be coming as she wasn't feeling too well and had gone to bed.

I didn't mind, it gave me a relaxing night.  I suppose I should've wrapped up the Easter gifts as I reckon she'll want to come tomorrow night now.

From the Lens............

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Leaves Are A-Changin'

Tuesday 19th April, 2011

Another boring day.  Caught up on more housework, vacuuming and washing the floors, and finished off the laundry.  Now I need to tackle the ironing........that can be for another day.  Apart from that nothing else happened in my life's good to have these type of days every once in a while.

From the Lens..............the leaves are a-changin'

Monday, April 18, 2011

Another Monday Comes Around

Monday 18th April, 2011

Today was a do much of nothing day.  I just did some laundry and a tidy around.  Also managed to do a bit of ironing.  Jodi rang this morning.  She said that her and the girls didn't get home until around 6.00am yesterday morning.  I wasn't game to ask her what they ended up doing.  She also mentioned that she had got her wedding dress delivered this morning.

Apparently a lot of girls now order their wedding and or bridesmaid dresses from overseas.  I have heard good and bad reviews.  She said that she was happy with hers, but I felt that she was leaving it a bit late to get it with Easter being so close.  She was going to take it to her mums to try it on.  Let's hope it doesn't need altering.

From the Lens............

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Nice Find At The Botanic Gardens

Sunday 17th April, 2011

I thought that we may have had a lazy day today but it wasn't to be.  Tony and I went back to the Botanic Gardens.  Last week Jodi asked if we had speakers that she could play the Ipod through.  We did have a set and so we thought we would try them out.

I found out what song she was going to use and got it off the net.  We went back to the Barber Shop gazebo and Tony set up our Ipod and speakers and I walked down the path that she would be coming along.  I could hardly hear the music.  So that's not going to work.  She also mentioned that she may have to use a laptop with speakers attached and so I think that may have to do.

We went and had a coffee at the coffee shop and then went for a walk around the gardens.  I didn't realise just how large they are.  It was much nicer there today than last week, the weather was perfect, no breeze and bright sunshine.

As we were walking back to the car there sitting by the footpath was a young kookaburra.  He didn't fly away but just sat there while we took his picture.  He had a peck in the ground looking for grubs.  I was a bit concerned for him as he didn't make any attempt to fly away and I thought that maybe he had a broken wing.   Seeing that he didn't fly away I was worried that he could be attacked by either dogs, cats or foxes if he stayed where he was. 

I got Tony to try and see if he would come looking for food if Tony held out his hand making out to feed him.  As Tony got closer to him he flew up to a sign post and sat there.  Thank goodness!! At least he could fly and get away from any predators.

We got back to the car and Tony started to drive off when he noticed that an infringement notice was attached to the window wipers.  Whaaaaaaat!!!!  I thought that it was free parking all day Sunday.  Tony opened the plastic envelope and we had been fined for parking in a parking spot without a permit.

We didn't take any notice of the signs, thinking they were all the same.  And to make matters worse the parking inspector wrote that notice out minutes after we had parked and left the car.  Tony drove back around to see what the sign said and sure enough we were wrong to park where we did.  Oh well, we'll have to cop the $35 fine.

It put a downer on to what was a lovely afternoon.  Next time we'll read the sign.....hehehehe.

From the Lens.............