Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tony Finally Goes To The Doctor

Tuesday 22nd March, 2011

Got up early and started the laundry but by the end of the day the piles hadn't disappeared ......still a few left to do.

Tony took the car to work today as he had to leave early.   He had to go to the Doctors.  A few weeks ago he had a sore come up on his foot.  He thought he had been bitten by something.....thinking it may have been a spider.  Two weeks ago another sore appeared next to the first one.

When we got home Sunday night he removed the bandage and it looked like another one was coming on his little toe.  The redness could have been caused by the sticky of the tape of the bandaid.

Monday while at work he had an itchy spot on the back of his leg and when he looked, it was another one of these sores.  When he rang me I told him to make a Doctors appointment and get them checked out.  Rather than leave it until the weekend, (when he normally goes to the Dr), he was able to get in this afternoon.

The Doctor thinks he has got an infection and so he put him on antibiotics.  He took a swab and has to go back and see him next Monday afternoon.  I hope they will heal fairly quickly now seeing that he is taking the antibiotics.

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