Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Goes Too Quick

Sunday 20th March, 2011

Yaayyy this morning we could have a sleep-in!!  Well til about 6.30 and that's when most of us were awake.  We got up, had showers, finished packing everything up and then had breakfast.

By about 9.15 am we were ready to leave.  Robyn and Bob were heading back home and we were going to go across to Moonta and then onto Wallaroo to do some fishing.  We said our goodbyes and headed off.

We had one last look at the jetty from the cliff tops, there weren't too many on it this morning.   Tony wanted to take a walk further up so we did.  It started to spit with rain and by the time we came back the rain was a bit heavier.

We headed off in the direction of Moonta and into some heavy rain.  It must have been raining for a while as there was a lot of water on the side of the road and in the paddocks.  The rain kept coming down all the way to Moonta.  We stopped at Moonta for a coffee and had a look in a couple of antique shops to 'kill' some time.

We decided to go onto Wallaroo and the rain still came down.  We knew that we wouldn't be doing any was too wet.  There was no-one fishing on the jetty.  We stopped in Kadina for some lunch and then decided to head back to Adelaide.  It rained all the way until we got into town when it eventually stopped.

Called into work as Tony had changed his clothes on Friday before we left and so we had to pick them up.  Seeing it was the Clipsal race he turned the TV on to see a bit of it.  Katie wanted to know where it was and so we told her it was near where they had the Fringe.  "Ooohh can we go and have a look?" she asked.

So to fill in some time we wandered down to the East End.  All we could really do was soak in some of the atmosphere, hear the roar of the engines and watch the helicopter fly overhead.  We did get to see a bit of the cars as they raced up the straight.  Katie was happy.

Soon she'd had enough so we walked back to work and by then it was time to take her back to Kahra.  She said that she had a fun weekend and wants to do it again.  The best part according to her was catching the crabs, the worst part was when one of the crabs latched onto her shoe and she had to kick it off.

Thanks Robyn and Bob for a great weekend.  Hope to do it again!

From the Lens...........Clipsal V8 Supercars

             Photos taken from Adelaide Now website

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