Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sent On A Wild Goose Chase

Saturday 12th March, 2011

Firstly I must wish our son a very Happy 38th Birthday for today.  Dad, Katie and I send our love and best wishes to you.

This morning we were up early (7.00am) as we had to go to Lonsdale.  Earlier in the week Tony had rung around various wreckers as he was wanting a spare part for the car.  Lonsdale was the only place that had the part he needed.  They told him that they would need to know the colour at the back of the part.  Tony explained to them that he could not take it out as we needed the car to get down there.

That was OK the guy said, I'll be able to have a look behind and see the colour.  So off we go, no sleep-in for us this morning.  We get to Lonsdale, find the place and guess what.....sorry, what's the colour at the back of the part?  Tony said to him that he was told that you would be able to have a look, but the guy said no, you'll have to take the part out.  Tony was not happy, all this way for nothing. 

Oh well, back home we headed.  We stopped off at Glenelg and had a coffee.  Then we had to go into the city.  Last night Tony took his prescription in to the chemist but they did not give back the repeat prescription and so we had to go and see if they still had it.  The pharmacist had a look but couldn't find it and so he told us that seeing Tony was on their records, he would be able to go back and have the remaining repeats filled as necessary.

We called in and did a bit of shopping and finally got home around 4.45pm.  We were so tired and ended up having nanna naps before dinner.

We left the TV on Sky News and heard that there had been an explosion at one of Japans' Nuclear plants.  This was scary news as that's something no-one wanted.....radioactive gasses let into the air.  Later on in the evening they announced that perhaps it wasn't as bad as first thought.  The destruction brought about by the tsunami is unbelievable, brand new cars ready for export destroyed, shipping containers looking like they are lego blocks, trains derailed and large ships pushed onto the land.

From the Lens............a perfect autumn day at the beach

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