Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ring, Ring, Why Don't You Give Me A Call

Thursday 10th March, 2011

What a day!!!  Today I seem to have spent most of it on the phone.  Firstly Dianne rang and we spent over two hours chatting.  I made a couple of calls to Tony and he rang me back, he also tried to ring me when I was talking to Dianne.  Lucky I can do "hash browns", (that's what I call it), when you either miss a call or have been out and want to know if anyone has rung you can dial  * 1 0 #.

Late this afternoon Jodi rang and we were discussing her wedding arrangements, that call lasted over an hour and a half, and I also had a phone call from our son who is now living in Victoria.  The hairdresser I used to go to, also rang to see if I was still wanting the appointment I had made late last year for a date in April. 

Sheesh the phone hasn't been that busy in a day for a long time.  In between all the phone calls the guy for the roller door came and changed over the wheel on the door and also made a small adjustment to the other wheel as when the door was closing it was becoming stuck.

Let's hope tomorrow is a much quieter day.

From the Lens........perhaps they should ring my mobile phone, it's usually turned off

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