Sunday, March 27, 2011

Out To Lunch

Sunday 27th March, 2011

After a late night last night we slept in this morning.  It was a bit of a rush getting ourselves ready as Robyn and Bob were coming around and we were going out to lunch at the Hampstead Hotel for Tony's birthday.

At least the food was much better than last night.  I had a seafood platter and yes, the prawns and the squid were delicious.  Tony had a chicken breast cooked with sun dried tomatoes and baby spinach sitting on a bed of mashed potatoes, Bob had a rump steak and Robyn had garlic prawns.

I sneaked in a photo while the waitress was bringing my meal

The hotel has great self serve salads and hot vegetables.  After the main course we had cake and coffee, we all had pecan pie except for Robyn who had passionfruit cheesecake.  It was yum!  We all felt as if we had eaten too much

It was nice and relaxing sitting there after we had eaten just talking and laughing.  The guys and Robyn had a go at getting some chocolates from the chocolate machine.  Robyn was the luckiest....she got a few.  Tony had a go on the toy machine, he managed to pick one up but then the claw let it go.  That happened a few times and so in the end he gave up.

We got back home around 4.15 pm, and Robyn and Bob left soon after.  Tony and I didn't feel like anything to eat around dinner time, and so we had something to eat when he made the coffee.

Today was also Kahra's birthday so here's hoping she had a great day with the family at the bar-b-que.   Happy Birthday!!

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