Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not Much Sleep Does Wonders For Your Appearance

Tuesday 15th March, 2011

Last night was a crap night.  I kept waking up every half hour, and my sore throat is now definitely sinus.
Today I have been sneezing, eyes are running and my nose is a continual tap.....it's driving me crazy!

Tony is going to get some sinus tablets on his way home.....the ones I've got here are a bit out of date.   I took a couple but they haven't done much.

Robyn and Bob called in.  They had an appointment at the optometrists at the Village Shopping Centre to have their eyes looked at.  I looked and felt like crap.....lol.  Bob had to make himself and Robyn a cup of coffee.

In between lying down and resting I managed to get the rest of the ironing done from Monday .  That's about all I did today.  The rest can wait until tomorrow.  I just hope I feel better by the weekend as we are going away.

Let's hope I can sleep better than last night.

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