Friday, March 11, 2011

Mad March Madness Continues......

Friday March 11th, 2011

Yaayyyyy this weekend is a long weekend in South Australia.  Monday is Adelaide Cup day (a horse race), and we usually have a Public Holiday for it.  Years ago the Adelaide Cup used to be held in May and the Public Holiday was had then.

Several years ago they brought the Adelaide Cup forward to March due to the better weather, but it looks like this may be the last year as they are looking at holding it in May again next year.  They still want to keep the Public Holiday in March as there is so much going on.....that's why it is known as Mad March here in Adelaide.  I don't think we will have another Public Holiday in May....they are looking at running the race on a Sunday from next year.

The Fringe finishes this weekend, next weekend is the Clipsal 500, (a car race), and this weekend is WOMAD (a music festival).  Acts from all over the world are here to showcase their music, both contemporary and traditional.

So far Tony and I have nothing planned for the weekend but knowing us, as we usually do things on the spur of the moment, anything could happen.  I am hoping for a quiet weekend.

While having a coffee in the cafe we saw on the TV "Breaking News".   OMG another earthquake!!!!.. This time it was in Japan about 350 kilometres from Tokyo.  It measured 8.9 on the Richter scale,  and was only 11 kilometres underground.
After the earthquake the whole of the Pacific was put on Tsunami watch including Australia and New Zealand.  Japan had a 10 metre wall of water go through the NE of Japan (Miyagi prefecture).  Seeing this on the TV was absolutely frightening as it swept everything away in its path.

houses on fire as the tsunami sweeps through

The first 72 days 0f 2011 have brought nothing but devastation to various parts of the world.  Mud slides, earthquakes, cyclones and flooding have been the major natural disasters. 

While in the city on Friday night we stopped and watched a couple of Fringe acts in Rundle Mall.

From the Lens..........

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