Friday, March 4, 2011

"Mad March" Festivities

Friday 4th March, 2011

There is definitely a 'chill' in the air in the mornings, but the days are beautiful, warm and sunny with the temperatures in the mid 20's being perfect.  The evenings are not bad either so after picking Katie up we went back into the city, had something to eat and then went down to The Fringe at the Garden of Unearthly Delights.

OMG the line-up was huuuuuge with people waiting to get in.  Katie was prepared to wait so we stood in line but it didn't take too long to get inside. 

Once in, all she wanted to do was have rides on the fairground attractions.  Everywhere we went there were lineups waiting for the various shows to commence but there were no big lineups for the rides she wanted to go on.

Firstly she went on the giant balls.  Here she had to get inside a plastic ball where they pumped air into it, zipped it up and she rolled into a pool filled with water.  I struggled watching her, as I felt claustrophobic, but she loved it, rolling and tumbling around inside it. 

Then it was onto the trampolines where she was harnessed in and tried to jump as high as she could.  She could easily do the back flip but struggled doing the front flip.  She wanted another ride on the Skydiver, by herself, so off we went to where that was.

We came across "Mr Balloon Dog".  He could make balloons into anything you wanted, except for maybe a fish.  Katie wanted a unicorn, so he obliged, and even made it so that she could wear it on her head like a hat.  After a while she became self conscious as she kept asking "Why is everyone staring at me, Nanna?"   Bwahahaha, I wonder why!

She thought it was because the unicorn is 'holding' a heart and "everyone will think I have got a boyfriend".  hehehehe

By now it was getting late and she was getting tired so we headed back to work to pick up the car.  On the way back, wanting a coffee, we looked for a coffee shop and walking through Rundle Mall not one was open.  The time was only 10 past 10, no wonder people complain about going into the city at night......there's NOTHING open. 

Admittedly the East End was open but everything there was packed out due to The Fringe, and so we walked down to Hindley Street (Katie refers to it as the naughty street), to the coffee shop we sometimes go to.  Thankfully it's not far from King William Street.  We had a coffee, Katie had a hot chocolate and then we went back to work, got the car and headed home.

From the for the Adelaide Cup which is on next weekend

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