Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lots Of Running Around

Saturday 5th March, 2011

Today was a day of running around.  We are having problems with the car and that alternator again.  Just as we turned into the street close to home last night the car lost power, and the instrument panel went haywire but it got us home.

This morning Tony rang the mechanic and we have to take the car in on Monday.  He is also going to arrange for an auto electrician to be there to have a look at it.  Tony put his meter on the battery and that was still fully charged and so the mechanic said it should be OK to still use the car.

Thank goodness for that as we had a few things to do today.  Firstly we called into Elizabeth Shopping Centre and got Katie some new jammies as the ones I have home were getting too small for her.  She also wanted some 'shuffling' shoes but there were none in her size so she got a new pair of sneakers instead.

We then went out to Gawler as we had to pay a deposit on the doors we ordered.  From there it was a call into home as Tony had forgotten the receipt needed to pick up the splatter guard that had come in. 

North Adelaide was our next stop, where we picked up the splatter guard.  Just as we were crossing the main road the car again gave out on us, slowed to a crawl but then managed to pick up.  Tony wondered if there was some loose connection somewhere, but I thought that if there was then the problem would have surfaced before now. 

In between all this we also stopped off and looked for a new toaster.  There were so many to choose from, one even had an attachment on the side so that you could cook your egg the same time you were cooking the toast.  We decided on a DeLonghi toaster, plus I didn't want stainless steel again.....I HATE stainless steel.  You just have to look at an appliance that is stainless steel and you can see finger print marks all over it, even when it's just been cleaned..........ugh!

Katie wanted to go swimming and so before we left home we packed all the swimming gear.  Tony brought his but was undecided if he would go swimming.  About 3 weeks ago he got bitten on his foot between his 3rd and 4th toe.  What bit him we don't know, but it was probably a spider.

He didn't fancy going in the water as he was afraid he might get an infection so Katie went and swam by herself.  She enjoyed it.  She spent a lot of time on the diving board and then towards the end she went off to the spa pools where the water is much warmer.

No way did Katie jump from this diving board.  The pool attendant wanted the barriers to be extended out and the two boys on the diving board couldn't understand what he wanted, so Katie offered to go up and do it for him.  Those 2 boys wanted her to then jump off, she smiled sweetly at them and came back down the stairs.

Tony wanted to leave early so he didn't have to drive in the dark and use the lights on the car.  On the way home we stopped and got chicken and salads for dinner and then I finally got him to go to the chemist and get something for his bite.  The pharmacist had a look at it and she recommended some Betadine for cleaning the area, a healing gel and then some second skin.  She said to keep an eye on it and if it becomes inflamed he may need antibiotics.

About one and a half kilometres from home the car died.  It stopped on the Golden Way just before Sunnybrook Shopping centre.  Tony lifted the bonnet and checked underneath then tried the ignition but all it gave was a click.
Dead battery!! 

Thank god for the RAA!  Rang them and the guy was there within 10 minutes.  Charged the battery, got the car started and then offered to follow us home.  We made it home with no further problems.  He said it looks as though we have an intermittent problem with the alternator where it's not putting any charge into the battery.

He told Tony to put our battery charger on the car for tonight and tomorrow and Monday it should get us to the mechanics.
Guess what.....back to the bus and tram tomorrow to get Katie back to her mum.  Yippeeee!!!

From the Lens..........the new toaster

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