Thursday, March 10, 2011

Last Of The Car Repairs

Wednesday 9th March, 2011

The final job we are having done on the car is the suspension.  Tony left work early yesterday afternoon, picked the car up from the mechanic and then dropped it off at Pedders.  I have to catch the bus later and am going to meet him when he collects the car.

Not having heard from the roller door people, (they were supposed to come and replace the other wheel last week), Tony rang them and they said they would come out tomorrow.  Yesterday the roller door was having a hissy would go down so far, but not close, and then go back up again.  This happened twice and so they are going to look at that as well.

Even though it is overcast and rather cool we have had no rain since late yesterday.  The rain we did get yesterday was very welcome......the plants look refreshed.

Caught the bus to the Plaza to meet Tony and Tori also got on the bus at one of the stops.  She was meeting some friends at the Plaza.  Met Tony and then we walked to Pedders.   They had not finished the car and so we had to wait....and wait ......and wait for about an hour and a half until it was all done.  The car is so nice to ride in once again, sits on the road much better and Tony said it was great to drive.

Admittedly the car has cost quite a bit to fix but it's still much cheaper than buying a new car.  We have looked at the new cars available but there's nothing that we both really liked.  Tony liked the Subaru, but I found the seats too hard.  Anyway by spending a bit of money on our car it should be good for another 5 years or more.  Perhaps by then something more suitable for us will be available in the market place.

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