Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's Looking Like Winter

Wednesday 23rd March, 2011

It looks like it's a Winter's day here.  It is grey outside, it is overcast, it is sooo cold, it is wet and it is windy.   This is so not fair.......where are the beautiful balmy days and nights of last week?  Please don't let winter come before we have had autumn.

I am still doing the laundry.  I even had to drag the airer out of the shed and hang clothes on that as I am fast running out of clothes line. 

Rang Robyn tonight to see if they would like to go out for dinner on Sunday and imagine my shock when Bob told me that she had spent overnight in hospital.  Apparently she had woken up during the night with 'flutterings' in her heart.  Her heartbeat was abnormal so they rang the ambulance and it came and took her to hospital.

She said her heartbeat came good around 11.30 am and so they let her go home at 1.30pm.  She said she had no pain which was good.  She didn't ring as she didn't want to worry me, but I am glad I know now.  Look after yourself sis!

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