Sunday, March 6, 2011

We're Having A Late Summer!

Sunday 6th March, 2011

This morning was busy.  Tony and Katie cut the seed pods off the tree out the front, Tony mowed the lawn and got the Kartcher out of the shed and Katie hosed the drive.  Tori's mates' car drops more oil than the petrol they use I reckon. 

Tony had put the battery charger on the car last night and was going to leave it on all day today, so, to go anywhere it was the bus and tram again.  Seeing we had to catch the bus we thought we might go and see the Fringe parade that they re-scheduled for this afternoon because 2 weeks ago it was washed out. 

It was very hot but we found some shade under a big tree and waited and waited.  Finally it got under way and was all over after about 5 minutes.  The large float that was the symbol for this years fringe (the king and queen) could not get down the road and over the traffic islands.  What a disappointment the whole parade was! 

We went into the buskers area, got something to eat and drink and found some shade.  It was so hot I even got Tony to go and get a beer and I drank about a third of a cup.  That's the only time I will drink beer....when it's really hot ....... but then I usually have lemonade with a dash of beer.

Seeing we were going to drop Katie off at Glenelg, Tony suggested perhaps we should go down there as he thought it might be cooler.  We slowly wandered back to the tram but found an outside table in front of a cafe, where we sat and watched the people going by and had a coffee.  Never too hot for coffee, hehehe.  We also watched some buskers and musicians and by the time we were ready for the tram we all needed the toilet.  So off to work we headed.

Maybe we shouldn't have ended up there as Tony found a problem with the computer in the building.  He had to organise for a Tech to come in. 

Got down to Glenelg and it felt just as hot there as it was in the city.  Met up with Kahra and Darrin, Katie wanted something to eat and so we went off to McDonalds.  They left soon after so Tony and I went to Dome Coffee but this time we had an iced coffee.

Back on the tram, (we decided we weren't going to wait and catch the bus this time), we called into work and the Tech was still there sorting out the problems.  Between him and Tony they got it to the stage where the building would have air conditioning in the morning and the lifts would work, the other problems they left and would sort them in the morning.

When we left work there was a J1 bus at the bus stop going to Glenelg.  Tony thought it would be a good idea to hop on it, so we did.  At least it was air conditioned and better than sitting at the bus stop in the heat, I thought.  It was still 29 degrees outside.  The time was 8.20pm.

The bus called into the airport, Harbour Town and onto Glenleg.  Waited there 10 minutes.  Then headed off to Marion, another 10 minute wait.  Back to Glenelg for another 10 minutes, Harbour Town, the airport and into the city.  We finally got to Golden Grove and walked inside the house at 5 minutes to midnight.  3 and a half hours on the bus!  Crikey we can go to Renmark in less time, get ourselves nearly halfway to Melbourne, even to Port Augusta and yet the most distance we would have travelled on the bus was maybe 80 kilometres!!!

BWAHAHAHAHA the things we do!!!  Still it's better than sitting at home watching TV!!!!

From the Lens.........Moseley Square, Glenelg...that water looks so inviting

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