Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hump Day

Wednesday 30th March, 2011

Woke up this morning to bright sunshine but during the morning the clouds rolled in and it was a question of will it, won't it......rain?  As it turned out we didn't have any rain here.

I had another quiet day.  Spoke to Dianne on the phone, I had to ring her to thank her for Tony's birthday card.  She is getting all caught up in the preparations for Jodi's wedding.
Troy rang Tony to ask if he was interested in going to Moonta for a weekend charter fishing trip.  He was doing this for his bucks night.  Tony declined his invitation.

Tony knows that it will turn into a drinking weekend and he's not a big drinker.  He will have one glass of red wine with his meal each night and a beer when we socialise but that's it.  They talk about teenagers being put under peer pressure but it happens in the adult world too.  I know, as once I was told, how could I have a good time if I didn't drink.

I can act just as silly as someone who has been drinking, and a lot of people who see me think I have had a few too many drinks.  At least the next morning I wake up with a clear head and no signs of a hangover, and I also know what I did the night before.

From the Lens............the drinks are on me


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