Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hey 'Scary Eagle' Do Your Job!

Saturday 26th March, 2011

Today was a pretty much do nothing sort of day.  We got a few small jobs done around the house.  Last weekend while we were in Kadina having lunch we called in to Cheap as Chips and had a browse.

While in there Tony noticed this large eagle called a "scary eagle".  "Hey that's just what I want", I said, "maybe it will scare away those damn pigeons".  So we got it.  Today Tony hung it on the patio and soon after we heard a couple of birds squawking and chirping away.......perhaps they were telling their mates to

Tonight we went down to the Lonsdale Hotel for dinner as it is Kahra's birthday tomorrow.  We had a good night but I didn't enjoy the food.  Tony and I both ordered prawns and salt and pepper squid.  The squid you could use for shanghais as it was tough and the prawns were rubbery and chewy.  Oh well if we go there again we'll stay away from prawns and squid.   Still it was a good night with good company and we enjoyed ourselves.

On the way home Tony called into work as it had been Earth Hour.  He had organised for an electrician to come in to make sure all the lights in the building were turned off between 8.30pm and 9.30pm.  He wanted to check that everything had been restored to how it should be as he didn't want any phone calls during the night.  Everything was fine!

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