Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Tony!!!

Friday 25th March, 2011

Happy Birthday to my sweetheart!!!  May all your dreams come true, all your wishes be fulfilled and your year be one of good health and much happiness.  I LOVE you!!!

OMG Tony has reached THAT know the one......old age pension.  Luckily his employer is willing to keep him in employment (for the time being anyway but circumstances can change) and Tony is very happy to continue working. 

You know that saying........growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional......well we still have a lot of growing up to do as we are enjoying life too much.  We aren't ready, just yet, for a retirement home.

I went into town to meet Tony and thought maybe we could go somewhere for a nice quiet birthday dinner.  Not to be.  After we went and had a coffee we ended up at Harris Scarfe's.  They are closing their existing store on Sunday ready for a huge redevelopment and all the stock has to be sold. 

Tony needed some new business shirts and so we got him one, a new tie and then they had luggage going out extremely cheap.  We got ourselves a new overnight case plus a 'carry on' bag.  The case's regular price was $216 and we got it for $ that's what I call a bargain.   His shirt, a Van Huesen, was $49.95 for $10, a Pierre Cardin tie, normally $29.95 for $6 and the carry on bag was $39.95 and we paid $12. 

The crowds were big and the lineup to go through the cash register was even bigger.   We had to wait more than an hour to be served.  Each cash register had huge lineups.  I also had to go and by a birthday present for Kahra so by the time we were finished it was too late to go for dinner.

Instead we headed out of town to do some grocery shopping and Tony said he would be happy for some Barnacle Bills for dinner.  They were still open thank goodness.   Tomorrow night we are going out for dinner and again on Sunday so we will celebrate his birthday then.

From the, prawns and chips from Barnacle Bills

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