Saturday, March 19, 2011

Crab Fishing

Saturday 19th March, 2011

With the alarm being set for 6.00 am we were all up when it went off and readied ourselves for some crabbing.  Off to the jetty and in no time at all Katie was squealing with delight...."We got a crab!!".  She couldn't wait to pull the nets in to see if there were more. 

Uncle Bob showed her how to hold the crabs without them nipping her fingers and how to measure them for the correct size.  She had no fear of them as she was soon playing with them in the bucket.

Uncle Bob showed her how to hold the nets and to throw them out into the water......"just like a frisbee".  She soon got the hang of it. 

As the tide started to go out more and more crabs were caught but a lot of them were not the legal size. 

Katie throwing back the undersize crabs

That didn't matter to Katie, she was just happy seeing the crabs come up in the nets.  Quite a few people were also on the jetty catching squid, crabs, tommie ruffs and one even caught a Port Jackson shark.  Katie was very interested in having a closer look at that. 

One of the nets kept catching toad fish (puffers).........a total of 14 were caught.

We stayed on the jetty until 9.00am, we had caught a few legal size crabs that would give us all a taste, and headed back to the park for breakfast.  Bob and Tony went and cooked all the crabs (including those that were caught yesterday).

Katie also wanted to have a swim in the pool so she and Bob took a dip.  It wasn't that warm so they didn't stay in very long.

Headed off into town for a few more supplies like bread, water and drinks, came back and had the crabs for lunch.  Robyn and Bob love eating crabs but Tony and I were not so enthused and well, Katie, one small piece and that was enough for her.  Luckily we had also bought standbys for lunch.

The rest of the afternoon was spent sleeping,( Katie, Bob and Tony), while Robyn and I went for a walk around the park.  A lot of the park is taken up by permanent residents living in on site transportables.  All of them are kept immaculately clean with well presented gardens. 

When Katie woke up, other children from the park were swimming in the pool and so she wanted to join them.  So off she went under Tony's supervision and was back soon after wanting to know if she could go and play tennis with them.  One of the young boys came looking for her but she was already at the tennis courts.

We went to the local hotel for dinner and after that went down to the jetty and had a walk along it.  There were a lot more people on it tonight but they didn't seem to be catching too much.  When we got to the end of the jetty one guy had something BIG on the end of his rod.  His rod was bent in half and he was having a struggle trying to reel it in.  Eventually, whatever was on it broke the line......he was disappointed.   Some of the fisherman there believed it was a sting ray.

Back home we went and started to pack the car so that we didn't have so much to pack up in the morning.  

From the Lens.........sunrise on Ardrossan jetty

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