Monday, March 7, 2011

Car To Go Back To The Mechanic

Monday 7th March, 2011

This morning I had to take the car to the mechanics.  Tony had to be in at work early and whenever he drops the car off he doesn't get in to work until after 8.30am.  I prefer him to do it as car talk is secret men's business I believe.

I was so nervous driving it as I hoped it would not break down on me.  Before Tony left for work he kept reassuring me that the car would make it to the mechanics.   Anyway we made it without any incident.  Phewww!!!!

I went and had a coffee, being so early it was nice to sit and watch all the workers come in and open up their stores.   My experience at the shops is usually at the other end of the day....when they are closing their stores and going home.

Tony rang late in the afternoon to tell me that they had found the problem.   After having let the car run for 40 minutes the alternator played up and with the auto electrician there he found that the lead from the battery to the alternator was the problem.  Woohooo glad it played up for them.

The alternator was also burnt out so they are putting in a new one and a new battery and replacing the lead.  Let's see if this will be the end of the problem.  We hope so!!!

The car is staying there overnight as the new alternator won't be delivered until tomorrow morning so after dinner we walked up to the shops to get some veges and milk and meat. 
The sky looked quite threatening.....they have predicted rain but it was still 30 degrees at 8.00pm. 

From the battery being charged

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