Friday, March 18, 2011

Ardrossan Here We Come

Friday 18th March, 2011

This morning saw last minute packing for our weekend away.  Got a phone call from Kahra telling me that Katie was bouncing off the walls with excitement and couldn't wait for tonight.

Went into town to meet Tony, then we went to pick up Katie and finally we were on our way.  Ardrossan is about a 90 minute drive from Adelaide.  We got to Pt Wakefield and Tony filled  the car with petrol.  I rang Robyn to let her know where we were at.

Finally got to Ardrossan and found where we were going to stay.  Robyn and Bob had booked into the Highview Holiday Village and into one of their Chalets.  The place was fairly small but it was more than comfortable.   Katie was beside herself with excitement, "look Nanna they have a pool, oh look there's a tennis court and wow a playground"!

The Chalets.....there were 5 in total and we stayed in Number 1

We got settled in and Tony and Bob cooked a bar-b-que for dinner while Katie, Robyn and I went off to the playground.  The evening was balmy so we ate outside and it was yummy.  Well cooked boys!!

Katie wanted to know where we had to go to catch the crabs so after dinner they took her down to the jetty.  Robyn and Bob had been earlier and caught a few.  There were a few people on the jetty fishing and crabbing.

Back to the Chalet we went after Robyn took us on a tour of Ardrossan, and after deciding who was going to sleep where we finally went to bed knowing that the alarm was set for 6.00am.  And I thought we were having a 'holiday', doesn't that mean "SLEEP-IN?"

From the Lens............Robyn made some yummy cupcakes and biscuits to have with our coffee after dinner

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