Sunday, March 13, 2011

An Apple A Day.......Well, For Just One Day

Sunday 13th March, 2011

Today was a much quieter day.  I slept in until 7.30am and we didn't do too much in the morning.  After lunch I went and vacuumed out in the backyard while Tony got out the high pressure cleaner and redid the driveway. 

Even though Katie had cleaned the drive last week of the oil, it left a 'pattern' from where she had cleaned.  Tony decided to clean the whole drive and the front path.  It's amazing how much dirt accumulates.  We look as if we have had a new driveway laid....well, not exactly lol.

While doing this we had a few spots of rain, nothing to wet the ground, just annoying.  Just as we were finishing up the rain came down a bit harder and stopped soon after.

I can't believe we have more blossom on the apple tree.  They won't come to anything as in a few weeks the leaves will start to turn colour and fall.  Our one and only apple was ripe enough to fall off the who will get to eat it?  Katie I reckon.

From the Lens.........

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