Thursday, March 31, 2011

3 Months - Gone!!!!

Thursday 31st March, 2011

Well the first 3 months of 2011 have gone.  And what a start to the year we have had.....floods, cyclones and earthquakes.  It looks as if the earth has settled a bit as we haven't had any major disaster for about 3 weeks now.  I hope it stays this way for the rest of the year, in fact forever.  Wouldn't it be nice?

Katie rang tonight to tell me she didn't want to come over to stay this weekend.  That was OK with me, but apparently she was a little 'nervous' telling me Kahra said as she thought I might be a bit upset.  I have told her previously that she doesn't have to come every fortnight if she doesn't want to. Plus we did see her last weekend as well as having her the weekend before that.

Now Tony and I get to have a quiet, relaxing weekend.  Hmmmm wonder what we can get up to??

From the Lens............sun streaming in from the bedroom window

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hump Day

Wednesday 30th March, 2011

Woke up this morning to bright sunshine but during the morning the clouds rolled in and it was a question of will it, won't it......rain?  As it turned out we didn't have any rain here.

I had another quiet day.  Spoke to Dianne on the phone, I had to ring her to thank her for Tony's birthday card.  She is getting all caught up in the preparations for Jodi's wedding.
Troy rang Tony to ask if he was interested in going to Moonta for a weekend charter fishing trip.  He was doing this for his bucks night.  Tony declined his invitation.

Tony knows that it will turn into a drinking weekend and he's not a big drinker.  He will have one glass of red wine with his meal each night and a beer when we socialise but that's it.  They talk about teenagers being put under peer pressure but it happens in the adult world too.  I know, as once I was told, how could I have a good time if I didn't drink.

I can act just as silly as someone who has been drinking, and a lot of people who see me think I have had a few too many drinks.  At least the next morning I wake up with a clear head and no signs of a hangover, and I also know what I did the night before.

From the Lens............the drinks are on me


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Perfect Day In Paradise

Tuesday 29th March, 2011

Another beautiful day today, the temperature got to 29 degrees.  From tomorrow the weather goes downhill, and by Sunday they say it should only get to 18 degrees.

Today was a very quiet day for me.  Got some laundry done and that was about all.  I downloaded a new Angry Birds app from ITunes and that had me playing most of the afternoon.  It is soooooo addictive.

From the Lens............a new day dawns

Monday, March 28, 2011

Perfect Autumn Weather

Monday 28th March, 2011

Today was a beautiful day weather wise.....warm with little or no wind.  Actually it got hot in the car.  I think our 'scary eagle' is doing its job.  I haven't seen many pigeons around the last day or so.  Fingers crossed it keeps up.

This afternoon I went and picked Tony up as he had to go back to the Doctor.  While sitting in the car waiting for him it got quite hot.  The Dr was happy with his sores on his toes....they are healing very nicely.  The results of the swab that was taken last week showed he had picked up some type of germ.  He was given another course of antibiotics and also the Dr gave him his flu injection.

When he was finished with the Doctor we went off to do our grocery shopping and have dinner.  Love Monday nights because I get to have a Mango smoothie and Veal Saltimbocca as well as some Herb Garlic bread.  It was a beautiful evening so we dined al fresco.   I'm salivating just writing about it.

From the Lens..........Mango smoothie and Veal Saltimboca

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Out To Lunch

Sunday 27th March, 2011

After a late night last night we slept in this morning.  It was a bit of a rush getting ourselves ready as Robyn and Bob were coming around and we were going out to lunch at the Hampstead Hotel for Tony's birthday.

At least the food was much better than last night.  I had a seafood platter and yes, the prawns and the squid were delicious.  Tony had a chicken breast cooked with sun dried tomatoes and baby spinach sitting on a bed of mashed potatoes, Bob had a rump steak and Robyn had garlic prawns.

I sneaked in a photo while the waitress was bringing my meal

The hotel has great self serve salads and hot vegetables.  After the main course we had cake and coffee, we all had pecan pie except for Robyn who had passionfruit cheesecake.  It was yum!  We all felt as if we had eaten too much

It was nice and relaxing sitting there after we had eaten just talking and laughing.  The guys and Robyn had a go at getting some chocolates from the chocolate machine.  Robyn was the luckiest....she got a few.  Tony had a go on the toy machine, he managed to pick one up but then the claw let it go.  That happened a few times and so in the end he gave up.

We got back home around 4.15 pm, and Robyn and Bob left soon after.  Tony and I didn't feel like anything to eat around dinner time, and so we had something to eat when he made the coffee.

Today was also Kahra's birthday so here's hoping she had a great day with the family at the bar-b-que.   Happy Birthday!!

From the Lens..........

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hey 'Scary Eagle' Do Your Job!

Saturday 26th March, 2011

Today was a pretty much do nothing sort of day.  We got a few small jobs done around the house.  Last weekend while we were in Kadina having lunch we called in to Cheap as Chips and had a browse.

While in there Tony noticed this large eagle called a "scary eagle".  "Hey that's just what I want", I said, "maybe it will scare away those damn pigeons".  So we got it.  Today Tony hung it on the patio and soon after we heard a couple of birds squawking and chirping away.......perhaps they were telling their mates to

Tonight we went down to the Lonsdale Hotel for dinner as it is Kahra's birthday tomorrow.  We had a good night but I didn't enjoy the food.  Tony and I both ordered prawns and salt and pepper squid.  The squid you could use for shanghais as it was tough and the prawns were rubbery and chewy.  Oh well if we go there again we'll stay away from prawns and squid.   Still it was a good night with good company and we enjoyed ourselves.

On the way home Tony called into work as it had been Earth Hour.  He had organised for an electrician to come in to make sure all the lights in the building were turned off between 8.30pm and 9.30pm.  He wanted to check that everything had been restored to how it should be as he didn't want any phone calls during the night.  Everything was fine!

From the Lens..............

Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Tony!!!

Friday 25th March, 2011

Happy Birthday to my sweetheart!!!  May all your dreams come true, all your wishes be fulfilled and your year be one of good health and much happiness.  I LOVE you!!!

OMG Tony has reached THAT know the one......old age pension.  Luckily his employer is willing to keep him in employment (for the time being anyway but circumstances can change) and Tony is very happy to continue working. 

You know that saying........growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional......well we still have a lot of growing up to do as we are enjoying life too much.  We aren't ready, just yet, for a retirement home.

I went into town to meet Tony and thought maybe we could go somewhere for a nice quiet birthday dinner.  Not to be.  After we went and had a coffee we ended up at Harris Scarfe's.  They are closing their existing store on Sunday ready for a huge redevelopment and all the stock has to be sold. 

Tony needed some new business shirts and so we got him one, a new tie and then they had luggage going out extremely cheap.  We got ourselves a new overnight case plus a 'carry on' bag.  The case's regular price was $216 and we got it for $ that's what I call a bargain.   His shirt, a Van Huesen, was $49.95 for $10, a Pierre Cardin tie, normally $29.95 for $6 and the carry on bag was $39.95 and we paid $12. 

The crowds were big and the lineup to go through the cash register was even bigger.   We had to wait more than an hour to be served.  Each cash register had huge lineups.  I also had to go and by a birthday present for Kahra so by the time we were finished it was too late to go for dinner.

Instead we headed out of town to do some grocery shopping and Tony said he would be happy for some Barnacle Bills for dinner.  They were still open thank goodness.   Tomorrow night we are going out for dinner and again on Sunday so we will celebrate his birthday then.

From the, prawns and chips from Barnacle Bills

Thursday, March 24, 2011

We Lose Another Hollywood Starlet

Thursday 24th March, 2011

This morning I awoke to some sad news, one of the world's most beautiful movie stars, Elizabeth Taylor, had died.  She had made many great movies including, National Velvet, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe, Giant, Cleopatra to name a few but was more renowned for her eight marriages, marrying Richard Burton twice.

She was very popular in what they called the "Golden Years"
of movie making.  She was also very involved in raising money for and the awareness of HIV.

I can finally see my laundry floor, yay all the washing has been done.  Now I get to do the job I hate the most.....ironing.
We have still been having some showers and today the temperature only got to 18 degrees so not really good drying weather.  Maybe I won't get to do the ironing until next week.  Sounds good to me.

From the Lens............a young Elizabeth Taylor

It's Looking Like Winter

Wednesday 23rd March, 2011

It looks like it's a Winter's day here.  It is grey outside, it is overcast, it is sooo cold, it is wet and it is windy.   This is so not fair.......where are the beautiful balmy days and nights of last week?  Please don't let winter come before we have had autumn.

I am still doing the laundry.  I even had to drag the airer out of the shed and hang clothes on that as I am fast running out of clothes line. 

Rang Robyn tonight to see if they would like to go out for dinner on Sunday and imagine my shock when Bob told me that she had spent overnight in hospital.  Apparently she had woken up during the night with 'flutterings' in her heart.  Her heartbeat was abnormal so they rang the ambulance and it came and took her to hospital.

She said her heartbeat came good around 11.30 am and so they let her go home at 1.30pm.  She said she had no pain which was good.  She didn't ring as she didn't want to worry me, but I am glad I know now.  Look after yourself sis!

From the Lens..........

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tony Finally Goes To The Doctor

Tuesday 22nd March, 2011

Got up early and started the laundry but by the end of the day the piles hadn't disappeared ......still a few left to do.

Tony took the car to work today as he had to leave early.   He had to go to the Doctors.  A few weeks ago he had a sore come up on his foot.  He thought he had been bitten by something.....thinking it may have been a spider.  Two weeks ago another sore appeared next to the first one.

When we got home Sunday night he removed the bandage and it looked like another one was coming on his little toe.  The redness could have been caused by the sticky of the tape of the bandaid.

Monday while at work he had an itchy spot on the back of his leg and when he looked, it was another one of these sores.  When he rang me I told him to make a Doctors appointment and get them checked out.  Rather than leave it until the weekend, (when he normally goes to the Dr), he was able to get in this afternoon.

The Doctor thinks he has got an infection and so he put him on antibiotics.  He took a swab and has to go back and see him next Monday afternoon.  I hope they will heal fairly quickly now seeing that he is taking the antibiotics.

From the Lens..........

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Downside Of Going Away

Monday 21st March, 2011

It's nice to be home and to sleep in my own bed but you should see my laundry floor.......covered in washing that I now have to do.  It was just a weekend away, where did all this washing come from?

Have to go and have my nails done later.  Usually I am booked in every 3 weeks but somehow or other there was no appointment for me last Friday.  Instead I had to make it for today. 

We need water so I will go and meet Tony and then we will go and fill the water bottles.  Then it will be shopping, dinner and back home to just chill out.  Not too much laundry will get done today.

From the Lens...........ugh!! laundry


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Goes Too Quick

Sunday 20th March, 2011

Yaayyy this morning we could have a sleep-in!!  Well til about 6.30 and that's when most of us were awake.  We got up, had showers, finished packing everything up and then had breakfast.

By about 9.15 am we were ready to leave.  Robyn and Bob were heading back home and we were going to go across to Moonta and then onto Wallaroo to do some fishing.  We said our goodbyes and headed off.

We had one last look at the jetty from the cliff tops, there weren't too many on it this morning.   Tony wanted to take a walk further up so we did.  It started to spit with rain and by the time we came back the rain was a bit heavier.

We headed off in the direction of Moonta and into some heavy rain.  It must have been raining for a while as there was a lot of water on the side of the road and in the paddocks.  The rain kept coming down all the way to Moonta.  We stopped at Moonta for a coffee and had a look in a couple of antique shops to 'kill' some time.

We decided to go onto Wallaroo and the rain still came down.  We knew that we wouldn't be doing any was too wet.  There was no-one fishing on the jetty.  We stopped in Kadina for some lunch and then decided to head back to Adelaide.  It rained all the way until we got into town when it eventually stopped.

Called into work as Tony had changed his clothes on Friday before we left and so we had to pick them up.  Seeing it was the Clipsal race he turned the TV on to see a bit of it.  Katie wanted to know where it was and so we told her it was near where they had the Fringe.  "Ooohh can we go and have a look?" she asked.

So to fill in some time we wandered down to the East End.  All we could really do was soak in some of the atmosphere, hear the roar of the engines and watch the helicopter fly overhead.  We did get to see a bit of the cars as they raced up the straight.  Katie was happy.

Soon she'd had enough so we walked back to work and by then it was time to take her back to Kahra.  She said that she had a fun weekend and wants to do it again.  The best part according to her was catching the crabs, the worst part was when one of the crabs latched onto her shoe and she had to kick it off.

Thanks Robyn and Bob for a great weekend.  Hope to do it again!

From the Lens...........Clipsal V8 Supercars

             Photos taken from Adelaide Now website

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Crab Fishing

Saturday 19th March, 2011

With the alarm being set for 6.00 am we were all up when it went off and readied ourselves for some crabbing.  Off to the jetty and in no time at all Katie was squealing with delight...."We got a crab!!".  She couldn't wait to pull the nets in to see if there were more. 

Uncle Bob showed her how to hold the crabs without them nipping her fingers and how to measure them for the correct size.  She had no fear of them as she was soon playing with them in the bucket.

Uncle Bob showed her how to hold the nets and to throw them out into the water......"just like a frisbee".  She soon got the hang of it. 

As the tide started to go out more and more crabs were caught but a lot of them were not the legal size. 

Katie throwing back the undersize crabs

That didn't matter to Katie, she was just happy seeing the crabs come up in the nets.  Quite a few people were also on the jetty catching squid, crabs, tommie ruffs and one even caught a Port Jackson shark.  Katie was very interested in having a closer look at that. 

One of the nets kept catching toad fish (puffers).........a total of 14 were caught.

We stayed on the jetty until 9.00am, we had caught a few legal size crabs that would give us all a taste, and headed back to the park for breakfast.  Bob and Tony went and cooked all the crabs (including those that were caught yesterday).

Katie also wanted to have a swim in the pool so she and Bob took a dip.  It wasn't that warm so they didn't stay in very long.

Headed off into town for a few more supplies like bread, water and drinks, came back and had the crabs for lunch.  Robyn and Bob love eating crabs but Tony and I were not so enthused and well, Katie, one small piece and that was enough for her.  Luckily we had also bought standbys for lunch.

The rest of the afternoon was spent sleeping,( Katie, Bob and Tony), while Robyn and I went for a walk around the park.  A lot of the park is taken up by permanent residents living in on site transportables.  All of them are kept immaculately clean with well presented gardens. 

When Katie woke up, other children from the park were swimming in the pool and so she wanted to join them.  So off she went under Tony's supervision and was back soon after wanting to know if she could go and play tennis with them.  One of the young boys came looking for her but she was already at the tennis courts.

We went to the local hotel for dinner and after that went down to the jetty and had a walk along it.  There were a lot more people on it tonight but they didn't seem to be catching too much.  When we got to the end of the jetty one guy had something BIG on the end of his rod.  His rod was bent in half and he was having a struggle trying to reel it in.  Eventually, whatever was on it broke the line......he was disappointed.   Some of the fisherman there believed it was a sting ray.

Back home we went and started to pack the car so that we didn't have so much to pack up in the morning.  

From the Lens.........sunrise on Ardrossan jetty

Friday, March 18, 2011

Ardrossan Here We Come

Friday 18th March, 2011

This morning saw last minute packing for our weekend away.  Got a phone call from Kahra telling me that Katie was bouncing off the walls with excitement and couldn't wait for tonight.

Went into town to meet Tony, then we went to pick up Katie and finally we were on our way.  Ardrossan is about a 90 minute drive from Adelaide.  We got to Pt Wakefield and Tony filled  the car with petrol.  I rang Robyn to let her know where we were at.

Finally got to Ardrossan and found where we were going to stay.  Robyn and Bob had booked into the Highview Holiday Village and into one of their Chalets.  The place was fairly small but it was more than comfortable.   Katie was beside herself with excitement, "look Nanna they have a pool, oh look there's a tennis court and wow a playground"!

The Chalets.....there were 5 in total and we stayed in Number 1

We got settled in and Tony and Bob cooked a bar-b-que for dinner while Katie, Robyn and I went off to the playground.  The evening was balmy so we ate outside and it was yummy.  Well cooked boys!!

Katie wanted to know where we had to go to catch the crabs so after dinner they took her down to the jetty.  Robyn and Bob had been earlier and caught a few.  There were a few people on the jetty fishing and crabbing.

Back to the Chalet we went after Robyn took us on a tour of Ardrossan, and after deciding who was going to sleep where we finally went to bed knowing that the alarm was set for 6.00am.  And I thought we were having a 'holiday', doesn't that mean "SLEEP-IN?"

From the Lens............Robyn made some yummy cupcakes and biscuits to have with our coffee after dinner

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day

Thursday 17th March, 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day to all those who celebrate it.  I don't know what it represents, all I know is that people drink green beer.  I would love to find that little leprechaun with the pot of gold though.

An Irish Blessing.......

Wishing you a rainbow
For sunlight after showers
Miles and miles of Irish smiles
For golden happy hours
Shamrocks at your doorway
For luck and laughter too,
And a host of friends that never ends
Each day your whole life through!

Today was spent getting all our gear ready for us to take away for the weekend.  Tony packed the car when he came home tonight.  We are going to Ardrossan over on Yorke Peninsula, about a 90 minute drive from Adelaide.  We are going to do some crabbing and hopefully we will catch some!  The munchkin (Katie) is also coming with us. 

My sister and brother in law invited us to come when Katie wanted to go and do some crab fishing.  Should be good to get away.

Tony had to go and buy a prepaid internet as you can bet your bottom dollar he will get a phone call while we are away and will have to dial in to work.  Even when he takes his holidays he always gets phone calls regarding work.  Grrrrr!!!!!

Today was the start of the Clipsal 500, a touring car race.  The main race is held between the V8 Supercars of Holden and Ford.  This race is held over two days, Saturday and Sunday.  Thursday and Friday is racing days for V8 Utes, Formula Ford, GT Championships and Aussie Racing Cars.

This year will be the first year Tony hasn't gone, he usually gets invited into a corporate box by one of the contractors he uses at work. 

He said he felt very sad when he had to ring them and decline their invitation, hehehehe.  Still, he's going to have tons more fun with me and Katie and Robyn and Bob!!!!!!!

The race is run through the streets of Adelaide.  We get people from all over Australia and the world for the 4 days.  The organisers are expecting crowds in excess of 280,000 for the 4 days.  They use the same circuit that they used when Adelaide used to hold the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

From the Lens..........

                                                                                photo courtesy Adelaide Now

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Have So Much To Be Thankful For

Wednesday 16th March, 2011

Yes I did have a better nights sleep last night though I don't feel much better this morning.  Still have the sneezes, drippy nose and sore throat.  Whenever I cough it feels as though I am coughing razor blades.

Look at me complaining.  I should spare a thought for the people of Japan.   Tens of thousands of them have no home, no food, no electricity and now they are having a snow storm.  At least I have a roof over my head, food and heating/cooling.  My sinus is really insignificant in comparison.....I will eventually get over it, the Japanese people will take years to get over their heartbreak.  I know where my family is, many of them still do not know what has happened to some of their family members.

I am off to the hairdressers and then to meet Tony.  Gotta bit of shopping to do and then we will go and have dinner.  There's many thousands of Japanese who can't do this today.

From the Lens..........heartbreak

Photo taken by Kelly Barnes taken from Adelaide Now website

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not Much Sleep Does Wonders For Your Appearance

Tuesday 15th March, 2011

Last night was a crap night.  I kept waking up every half hour, and my sore throat is now definitely sinus.
Today I have been sneezing, eyes are running and my nose is a continual's driving me crazy!

Tony is going to get some sinus tablets on his way home.....the ones I've got here are a bit out of date.   I took a couple but they haven't done much.

Robyn and Bob called in.  They had an appointment at the optometrists at the Village Shopping Centre to have their eyes looked at.  I looked and felt like  Bob had to make himself and Robyn a cup of coffee.

In between lying down and resting I managed to get the rest of the ironing done from Monday .  That's about all I did today.  The rest can wait until tomorrow.  I just hope I feel better by the weekend as we are going away.

Let's hope I can sleep better than last night.

Monday, March 14, 2011

An Insight Into Moi

Monday 14th March, 2011

Today, being a public holiday, we haven't got anything planned. Yayyyy I got my wish of having a quiet weekend!!!

When I woke up this morning I had a sore throat.  Nothing unusual, I usually have one if I have been snoring really loudly during the night.  I asked Tony whether I kept him awake but being the diplomat he is, he said no more than usual.

During the day the sore throat has got sorer and I have a pounding headache.  I think it may be sinus as the pain from my head goes across the eyes, down the side of my nose and my gums ache.  I have been so drowsy and have had a few nanna naps during the day. 

Tony has to replace a washer in one of the taps in the shower  that is leaking and apart from that nothing else is planned.  Oh I have to do a bit of ironing.....he needs a shirt for tomorrow as I didn't get to drop the dry cleaning off last week due to the car being out of action.  So I had to wash him a shirt and now I gotta iron it.

I saw this on another blog and thought I would copy it......a bit about me

Age.....last birthday I turned 60 but most days I mentally feel a lot younger.

Chores you hate.....ironing, cleaning the shower (that's why I get Tony to do it) and vacuuming

Essential to start your

Favourite colour....I love to wear red, but hate red flowers, red lipstick and red nail polish


Job Title....SAHW aka jack of all trades and master of none

Siblings....a younger sister

Pets....if you count a couple of goldfish as pets, well we have  pets

Right or Left handed....Right

Time I wake up....usually between 6.00 and 6.30am

Vegetables I don't beans, cauliflower and pumpkin (will only eat it when it's roasted or in soup)

Gold or Silver....prefer gold but will wear silver as well

Pet Peeve....people who try to be something they're not,  and the "gunnas"(gunna do this and gunna do that)

Zoo animal....elephants, wish we had them in our zoo, but seeing we don't i lurve the pandas 

From the Lens..........Wang Wang and Funi at the Adelaide Zoo

Wang Wang


Sunday, March 13, 2011

An Apple A Day.......Well, For Just One Day

Sunday 13th March, 2011

Today was a much quieter day.  I slept in until 7.30am and we didn't do too much in the morning.  After lunch I went and vacuumed out in the backyard while Tony got out the high pressure cleaner and redid the driveway. 

Even though Katie had cleaned the drive last week of the oil, it left a 'pattern' from where she had cleaned.  Tony decided to clean the whole drive and the front path.  It's amazing how much dirt accumulates.  We look as if we have had a new driveway laid....well, not exactly lol.

While doing this we had a few spots of rain, nothing to wet the ground, just annoying.  Just as we were finishing up the rain came down a bit harder and stopped soon after.

I can't believe we have more blossom on the apple tree.  They won't come to anything as in a few weeks the leaves will start to turn colour and fall.  Our one and only apple was ripe enough to fall off the who will get to eat it?  Katie I reckon.

From the Lens.........