Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yikes! Is That A Crocodile?

Wednesday 9th February, 2011

So what if our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, cried while recollecting some stories of the floods in Parliament.  People are now saying that she only did it because her popularity is on the decline and she saw what it had done to Anna Bligh, the Premier of Queensland, when she broke down during the floods.  Anna Bligh's popularity was also at a high time low but she made up some ground during the floods and cyclone with the way she handled herself in getting the information out to the people of Queensland.

No-one knows for sure, but the PM could have broken down and cried behind closed doors every night after she had been out visiting the flood victims.  It just annoys me the way the media keep going on and on about it.  I am also annoyed with the Tony Abbott (the Leader of the Opposition) saga.  After an Australian soldier had been killed in Afghanistan last August, Tony Abbott made a trip over there to visit the troops.  While an American General was explaining the situation to him he turned around and said, "Oh well, s..t happens".  Yes, maybe it was the wrong thing to say and he should have chosen his words more carefully, but I don't really think he was being disrespectful to the dead soldier.   He has apologised to the soldier's widow and she accepted his apology, so why the media just don't leave it alone god knows.

While standing at my kitchen sink doing the dishes guess what was looking back at me?  A crocodile!  Nope, a stumpy tail lizard.  Where he came from I don't know.  I raced to get Tony's camera as I had just put the battery from my camera on charge and by the time I put the spare battery in my camera the lizard might have gone.

I took some photos of it through the kitchen window and then went outside to see if I could get some more.  It had gone and hid behind the pot plant, all I could see of it was it's head.  Later on when I went back outside the lizard was nowhere to be found.

I don't mind them, they still give me the shivers, but I would rather have them than snakes.  A few weeks ago my sister had a brown snake in their yard.  Bob was putting on his thongs to go outside when he saw something move out of the corner of his eye.   It was a snake.  ***insert shivers here***

They have a pond in their shadehouse and lots of frogs.  Bob said that sitting next to his thongs was a frog and so he thought the snake was after that.

A couple of days later they were sitting at their dining room table having a coffee when they noticed the snake sunning itself on the patio.  Bob raced off to get something like a broom or shovel but when he got back the snake had gone into the garage.  They emptied out the garage but could not find it.  Robyn said it might have got into the motor of the spare fridge that they have in there or else behind the cupboards.

Don't worry, when we went out there on the weekend, I was looking around for anything that looked like a stick that moved or a snake.  When we asked about it Robyn said that they haven't seen it since.

From the Lens...........a stumpy tail lizard outside my kitchen window


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