Thursday, February 17, 2011

What To Do With No Car?

Thursday 17th February, 2011

It looks like we might be without a car over the weekend.  On Tuesday Tony dropped the car off to have the automatic transmission overhauled.  When the car went from first gear into second gear we would have a 'thump' noise.  We thought we had better get it in and looked at before it packed up completely.  Initially they said that they would require the car for 3 days. 

After having taken the transmission out they discovered that a spring was broken.  The mechanic rang Tony to tell him what they had found and to let him know that the car wouldn't be ready today.  It may be ready late Friday or else on Monday.  So until tomorrow we won't know any more.

We don't mind not having a car as we have the shopping centre 5 minutes up the road and if we need a bus they are there too.  It's just that Katie was due to come this weekend.  I have to ring later to see if the arrangements still stand.  I know that she will still want to come.

Shopping centre is at the top of the road

**Rang Kahra and she is still happy for Katie to come to us for the weekend even though we may not have a car.  As I explained to her Katie often asks "Can we go on the bus Nanna?", so I am sure Katie won't mind having to catch buses over the weekend.

The only downside is that we are expecting rain......and lots of it.  They say we could get up to 50mm (2 inches).  I'm not holding my breath as the last few days they have predicted thunderstorms and they haven't eventuated.

From the Lens........on the buses

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