Monday, February 21, 2011

What!! Still No Car!

Monday 21st February, 2011

Oh no!!!! bad news.  No car again today.  It looks like tomorrow now, we can go and pick it up.  Well that's alright with us, at least the job is being done properly and not being hurried just to be able to let us have a car. 

I think I have a touch of Mondayitis today.......can't seem to get motivated at all.  Perhaps it's a hangover from all the public transport travelling over the last few days and I've still got to catch the bus tomorrow to go and pick up the car.

Tori and her friends, Michael and Leanne, came around again this afternoon.  She said they wanted to chill out here for awhile.  Tony came home from work and they left soon after.

We walked up to Fasta Pasta for some dinner and then over to the shopping centre to pick up some milk.  I will have to do the bulk of the grocery shopping when we get the car back.

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