Friday, February 25, 2011

We Got Water

Friday 25th February, 2011

Have my nail appointment later on and then into town to meet Tony.  Haven't heard about the splatter guard that I returned, so we rang them and were told that it was going to be replaced and was supposedly in the mail.  They will contact us when they receive it.

Went and filled our water bottles.  We have a rainwater tank but don't use the water for drinking anymore as it needs a good clean out.  We go to the Brewery where they have a fountain and for a small donation, $2 (which goes to local charities) we can fill up water bottles.  It is the same water they use in the making of beer.

We can usually fill up two 15 litre bottles for $2.  Much cheaper than the $6.50 per bottle they charge when you return the empty bottle back to the service stations.  We don't use the water that comes out of the taps for drinking or cooking.  Not that it can't be used but it's just that it has an awful taste.  I don't know about now, but ships that came into the Port would not  take on water here.  

We decided to go down to West Beach and get pizza for tea.  Instead of eating it at the beach we ate it while watching the planes take off and land.  Tony worked at the airport for some 23 years as an electrician and then as an Air Traffic Officer.   I think he still misses the place though he denies it.

From the Lens........the flying kangaroo

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