Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Touch Of The Orient

Saturday 26th February, 2011

We decided to take our DVD cabinet door out to Mezner's Furniture store in Gawler to see if they will be able to make up 2 new ones.  This is the door that had the glass shatter in it several weeks ago.  We also need a matching door for the other DVD cabinet.  That door is still intact.

The girl in the shop is going to call us mid week to see if new ones can be made.  While there we had a browse in Ned's and I love these little Japanese/Chinese dolls.  They come in several, pink, orange, blue, red and purple.  I have them on the ledge of my kitchen window.  We also called into Mitre 10 where Tony got himself some tree loppers.

Went and saw Robyn and Bob to say 'Hi'.  They have just had solar panels installed on their house.  This seems to be the 'in' thing at the moment, the government is giving a rebate to those who install solar panels and all new houses that are built have to have them. 

In about 3 weeks we are going to Ardrossan over on Yorke Peninsular to do some crabbing.  Ever since Katie saw people crabbing from the jetty at Henley Beach she wants to try and catch some as well.  Bob offered to take her so she is really looking forward to going crab fishing (as she calls it).

From the panels

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