Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Perfect Day

Sunday 13th February, 2011

What a beautiful day!!!  The weather is perfect, temperature in the upper 20's, not too hot, just nice to be outdoors.

With that being the case Tony and I spent a few hours outside gardening.  With the few hot days we have had, when the temperature got into the 40's, a few of our plants died.  It was also time to tidy up others by removing the dead leaves and tidying up around the back.  

We have this huge pine tree.  It is something we regret planting.  When we bought it as a seedling we thought it was a conifer and the ticket that was attached to it stated that it will grow to about 2 metres in 10 years.   Yeah, right!  This tree is about 12-15 metres tall and it took around 11-12 years to get there.   Not being a true pine it doesn't have needles but it drops it's 'leaves' and makes such a mess in the backyard.  Everyday I can go and sweep up half a bucket of these 'leaves'.   If they are left, the wind blows them everywhere.

Also it is a haven for the birds.  I don't mind the crows and magpies that come but I detest the pigeons.  They poop everywhere and leave such a mess and start their coo-ing even before the sun is up.  Our neighbours like to feed them and so they hang around.  We notice that when they go on holiday they don't seem to be around as much.   Hmmmm I think you know what I am thinking.

Tony was given some anti bird spikes by one of the contractors at work.  So far we're a bit unsure as to where to put them, I don't really want them along the top of the fence, so we're still deciding.  For them to be really effective we need quite a few.  He was given 3 which would cover about a metre in length.

From the Lens..........the dreaded tree

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