Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Now It's North Queenslands Turn

Wednesday 2nd February, 2011

Another warm one today....34C.  This afternoon I had a hair appointment to have a colour put in.  Just before I was due to leave, Tori and her friend Courtney called in.  It was another "too hot for school" day for them.  They had morning classes and were dismissed at midday.

What is wrong with the schools today?   When I went to school we had no airconditioned classrooms and there was no such thing as getting off early because it was too hot.  I remember some of our summers being hotter than what we have today.

Now it is time for North Queensland to be on alert.  Cyclone Yasi, a category 5 cyclone, is due to cross the coast somewhere near Cairns at around midnight.  They are expecting winds in excess of 250kph and up to 1000mm of rain.  This is the first time such a powerful cyclone has happened since 1899.

In 1974 while living in Darwin we experienced Cyclone Tracy. Cyclone Tracy was not as powerful as Yasi is expected to be, but it was a very destructive cyclone.  Memories of that cyclone are still quite vivid in my mind and I have a feel for what the people of North Queensland are going through.  At least the people of Cairns and surrounding areas have had time to prepare themselves, whereas in Darwin we were told that Cyclone Tracy would miss us and all we should expect was some wind and rain.

All Australians have the people up there in our thoughts, prayers and hearts and we pray that there is minimal damage and no loss of life.

From the Lens.......... comparison of Australia's recent worst Cyclones

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