Sunday, February 27, 2011

No Plans Are The Best

Sunday 27th February, 2011

We had plans for today but when the alarm went off at 6.00am I told Tony to turn it off, rolled over and went back to sleep.  3 hours later we got up. 

Had a lazy morning and around lunchtime Tony decided to go and drop off some bags that we had in the garage at the Charity Centre.   We ended up going down to Christies Beach and dropping off the bags at Savers.  That is the only outlet they have so far in SA.  Not knowing if they would be even open we went anyway and to our surprise they do open Sundays until 5.00pm. 

We continued on down to Goolwa where over the weekend they held the Wooden Boat Festival.  It was getting fairly late in the afternoon by now and a few of the boats were heading away from Goolwa so we didn't know if it was still on.  Goolwa is on the River Murray and this is where the river flows out into the sea.

When we got to Goolwa we went and had a coffee, and then walked down to the river.  We took a wrong turn and found ourselves heading for the bridge that goes over to Hindmarsh Island.  We walked part of the way across it and then the camera's battery decided to go flat.  The spare battery was in the car and so we walked back to the car.   Tony decided to bring the car closer to the wharf.

There were still quite a few of the boats on the river.  They were getting ready to have a final sail past and so we got to see quite a few of the boats.  Some of them were reminiscence of what life would have been like on the river when the river was used for ferrying people and goods to the towns along the Murray.

We decided to come home through Strathalbyn and finally got home around 9.00pm.

From the Lens..........River boats

The "Oscar W" one of the oldest boats at Goolwa

This boat was a tug that was used in Queensland for the ships carrying sugar cane

Old paddle boat "William Randell"

The bridge over the Murray River that goes to Hindmarsh Island

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