Monday, February 7, 2011

Honesty Is The Best Policy!

Monday 7th February, 2011

Last Friday afternoon after having a coffee with Tony we headed back to work to go and meet Katie.  As we were crossing King William Street near the intersection of Currie Street Tony bent down to pick something up.  It appeared to be a purse/wallet, but when he opened it, it was an IPhone.

When he got back to the office he turned it on but it required a passcode to be able to access it.  We decided to take it home with us just in case someone rang it and we would then be able to get a number so that we could get in contact with the owner.

After we got home from the pool on Friday night Tony checked the phone and it had 3 missed calls on it.  Not being familiar with the IPhone, we couldn't get the phone numbers that had rung.  Each time we tried to retrieve them it kept asking for a passcode.  We plugged it into the computer as it had a connection the same as the IPod touch.  We got a message up that said it still needed the passcode before we could have any access.

So all weekend we kept hoping that someone would ring it so that we could get a phone number.  Unfortunately no-one did.  When we dropped Katie off Sunday night, her mum has an IPhone, so we asked her about it.  She was able to show us where the sim card was so Tony was able to get that out.  We found that the carrier was Vodafone and he got the sim card number.

This morning he rang Vodafone asking them to contact the owner and to get the owner to ring him to arrange for them to come and collect it.  In no time at all the owner rang him.

As it turned out the phone belonged to a young Chinese girl who was SO, SO happy to get her phone back. He thought that she may be an overseas student who is studying here.  She gave Tony a $50 reward.  Tony was reluctant to accept it but she insisted saying that it was a Chinese custom to give a gift to the person who returned something that had been lost.

Yeah, the temptation was there to keep it.  Who wouldn't want an IPhone for free?  Thankfully that temptation was only there for a fleeting moment as I would like to think if I lost my phone or something that the person who found it would return it to me.  As Tony said when he rang me, "It gave me such a good feeling when I saw that smile on her face as I gave her the phone".

Also, I believe in Karma!!

***Have just heard that Kahra's stepmum has passed away.  She had a massive stroke 10 days ago and over the weekend the family decided to remove the tubes that were keeping her alive.  The doctors believed that as she had no brain activity she would not recover from the stroke.

Sending our love and hugs at this very sad time to the family.

From the Lens.......similar IPhone to what we found

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