Saturday, February 5, 2011

Four Seasons In One Day

Saturday 5th February, 2011

Last night we enjoyed a night at the pool.  Katie jumped off the diving board again and they opened up the higher platform diving board.   She wanted to have a jump off that one too. 

I was a little apprehensive at first but then I relented.  I got Tony to jump first just in case Katie needed some help in the water, but when it came time for her to jump she was too scared.  I think the height of the board scared her, but she said it was because the other kids were standing behind her.

Today we thought we might go up to Monarto and check out those bikes that Bob told us about.  We couldn't find them.  There was a Moto-X track but that was closed.  The kart track seemed to be for those who had their own go-karts.

Katie didn't want to go to the zoo and as it is an area where my great great grandparents settled when they emigrated from Prussia back in the 1850's, we decided to go and have a look at the cemetry.  We eventually found it.  We found the grave of my great grandparents.  We thought we would go and find the original farm but got ourselves lost.  We had been there before, but decided it was maybe better to do it when Tony and I were by ourselves.

Headed off to Murray Bridge and the playground.  Firstly I had to go and visit the Bunyip.  When Katie was younger she was afraid of him and would run away when he slowly surfaced from the depths of his 'pond'.

It was a weird day weather wise, I think we experienced all four seasons in one day.  When we left Adelaide it was warm and late in the afternoon it came up extremely windy and got cold and when we left Murray Bridge to go onto Mannum it started to rain. 

Oh boy! crossing the river at Mannum on the ferry was like being on the ocean.  The river was really choppy and we were rocking from side to side.  The waves on the river , I reckon, were at least a foot high, hehehe.  Katie was unfazed by it.  She and Tony were out of the car enjoying the ride.  We rode the ferry four times, back and forth.  On our last crossing the waves had subsided a bit.

Went back to Murray Bridge for dinner, Katie chose Chinese, which we all enjoyed.   Got back home around 9.45pm.

From the of the ferries on the choppy Murray River

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