Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birds, Too Many To Count

Thursday 10th February, 2011

I think my visitor (the lizard) from yesterday has gone.....I have not seen him around.  Everytime I go outside I check around and under the pot plants and in the back garden but I don't see him.  Hopefully he hasn't been attacked by our neighbours' dogs or worse still, run over.

Several years ago we had a blue tongue lizard that hung around our yard.  We didn't mind because he kept the snails t0 a minimum.  One day we found him flat on the road, he had been run over.  I was quite upset about it.

Last Saturday while we are at Mannum the galahs flew into town.  My goodness what a noise they made. How the residents put up with the screeching god knows.   I have never seen so many of them all feeding on the ground at once.  There must have been a few hundred.

I wanted a photo of them all in flight and so Tony slowly edged the car towards them.  They all took off but instead of taking a photo I turned the camera off, ROFL.  I didn't want bird poop on the camera or my hands and arms.  Katie loved them flying all at once.  She said  "That just looked like a 3D movie".

From the Lens.......a small section of the birds

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