Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another Natural Disaster....This Time In NZ

Tuesday 22nd February, 2011

Tony rang me this morning to tell me that we maybe could pick the car up sometime after 4.00pm.  They were assembling the gear box back into the car and if it passed the road test then it was ours.

Just as I was about to get in the shower Tori and her mates called by.  She had been to an appointment and wanted to print off some photos.  I told them that I had to go out so they only stayed a short while.

Caught the bus into town and Tony met me as I was walking in to his work and he said "We have to catch the bus home".  "What???" I said.  "They road tested the car and found the gearbox needed a few minor adjustments, so it will be ready anytime after 12 tomorrow," he told me.

We decided to maybe pick it up Thursday now.  I don't fancy catching the bus into the city again tomorrow, plus the guys are supposed to be coming to do the roller door and we don't know what time they will be coming.  After not having the car for 9 days, 1 more day is not going to matter.

This morning while listening to the radio I heard on the news that Christchurch in New Zealand had suffered a major earthquake.  I quickly turned on the TV to watch Sky News and it was all unfolding right there on the TV.  They were showing many of the city buildings that had collapsed and with many people still inside them.  It happened at around 9 minutes to 1 (NZ time).  It would have been around 10.20am our time.

The earthquake was 6.3 on the Richter scale and it was only 5km underground hence the destruction.  Back in September last year they had a 7.1 earthquake, which was 33km's underground, and that caused a fair amount of damage, and ever since they have been having after shocks. They had a reasonable quake (4.9) on Boxing Day.

We visited there around 11 years ago and I remember the Cathedral which stood in the square.  Today it has been extensively damaged, the bell tower has collapsed and there is quite a bit of damage inside.  There has been deaths, 65 so far, and they expect that total to increase.  Many people have been injured, a lot of them seriously.  My thoughts and prayers are with all the people who have been affected.

                                              Photos from Adelaide Now website

Sheesh, the first 2 months of 2011 has certainly brought some natural disasters.....floods, cyclones, fires and now an earthquake.  We are often told that Adelaide is due for another one.  Our last sizeable one was back in 1954 and we had a tremor back in April last year.  I don't wish to experience one thankyou very much after seeing the damge in Christchurch.

Anyway Tony and I caught the bus back home and seeing that I have done no grocery shopping yet we decided to go to the Green Ginger Asian Restaurant for dinner.  Ohh mmmm it was sooo good.  I could get used to this eating out, not having to cook and do the dishes.  It feels like I am on holidays.

From the Lens.........Green Ginger

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