Thursday, December 9, 2010

Political Correctness Gone Mad!!!!

Thursday 9th December, 2010

I hate nothing more than when overseas visitors come into our country and tell us what to do.  At the moment Oprah Winfrey is in the country and her production company people were in Melbourne checking out the places she will be visiting.  One place she is going to is to a Cocktail Party and to get to where it is being held she has to walk past a shop that is selling golliwogs.   The shop owner was told to remove the golliwog display from the window as it might upset her.

In this country golliwogs are allowed to be sold.  I do not see anything wrong with them.  I do not see the racist connotation they are supposed to impart.  To me they are dolls, just like Barbie, Bratz dolls, or any other doll you can buy whether it be black, white or brindle.  

I have one and I have bought one for Katie for Christmas.  Children are not born racist,  racism is taught.  I am with Jeff Kennett, ex Premier of Victoria, who has called for 'all golliwogs to rise up as one". 

As far as I am concerned this is "political correctness" gone mad!!!

From the Lens............the offending golliwog

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