Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More Rain On The Horizon

Wednesday 8th December, 2010

When we woke this morning all the thunder and lightning from last night had gone.  There was still some drizzle around but during the morning this also passed and the afternoon turned to bright sunshine.  We need the sun now to dry everything out. 

Now they are predicting showers for the weekend and for the middle of next week.  C'mon give us a break.......I know I don't like the really hot weather but 38 degrees last Saturday and now it's 18 degrees.  What is up with the weather!!!

This morning when I went outside these 'toadstools' had popped up everywhere in the garden.  By the time Tony got home from work they had disappeared.  Does that mean there ARE fairies?  When I asked him, he looked at me and just smiled.  Hmmm that's no answer!

Pssst......I think he believes there are fairies but just doesn't want to admit it. 

From the Lens............

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