Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Lights

Saturday 18th December, 2010

We ventured out later on in the morning and picked up one of the larger Christmas presents that we had bought for Katie.  We didn't want it around the house for too long before's trying to hide it, that's a problem we have.  It's safely in the shed with the shed locked.  Hope she doesn't want to go in there for her bike while she's here in the lead up to Christmas Day.

Before we went Tony did get the lawn mowed and this afternoon turned rather pleasant.  The wind was cool but refreshing after being in the car with the warm sun coming through the windows.

Tonight we went out to have a look at some Christmas lights.  Some people decorate their houses very nicely.  We went last weekend but with it being wet we didn't get many nice photos.  Tonight we also had a sprinkling of rain.

A small cul-de-sac in Paradise have the best display and they win the Best Lights competition every year.  There are 6 houses and they all decorate their front yards.  It looks amazing.

From the Lens..........some of the lovely lights we saw at various places

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