Sunday, December 26, 2010

After All The Excitement......

Sunday 26th December, 2010

After the wonderful day we had yesterday today has been very quiet.  I keep looking at all our gifts and wondering where on earth am I going to put them.  No doubt I will find a place for them.

Finally packed away all our goodies and tidied up a took me all day.   We ate some of them so that I didn't have to find a place for them in the pantry.  I don't want to see another nut, chocolate or biscuit until next year.

Got to make a trip into Tony's work to get rid of all the paper and least we can dump it in the big bins.  Our rubbish bin is a split bin, half for recyclables and the other half for rubbish.  It doesn't take much to fill our bin up for the weekly collection.

From the Lens..........Katie at the pool on Friday

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