Thursday, December 30, 2010

2 Days To Go

Thursday 30th December, 2010

2 days of 2010 left.  Today is HOT.....39 degrees, but what's that ....43 for New Year's Eve now.  If we do get to 43 tomorrow it will be our hottest New Year's Eve for over 100 years.

Monday and Tuesday were Public Holidays here and so Tony requested Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off.  That was granted and so this will be his first days off work since November 2008.

Yesterday we went out and did some food shopping and paid a few bills.  I was so happy because I thought we would be going into the New Year with no outstanding bills........well guess what, today we got our Electricity account, due in January.  I know I can go off and pay it by the end of Friday but bugger it, it's due on the 18th January, so I will leave it until around the due date.

Today we went through the house and gave it a good clean.  I always like to do that going into a New Year.  Tomorrow I have to finish off the washing and do the ironing.  Once that is done it will feel good going into a New Year with nothing outstanding from 2010.

From the the aroma from burning these scented waxes, this one is Sweet Pea

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