Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tea Time In Miniature

Saturday 27th November, 2010

Exactly 4 weeks today is Christmas Day and 5 weeks today it will be 2011.  Ugh!!!!

Needed to go to Ikea today as yesterday I broke the lid on the coffee jar.  On the way there we stopped off at West Lakes shopping centre and Katie put a bag of toys and other bits and pieces under the Wishing Tree.  This is organised by the Salvation Army for disadvantaged families at Christmas time.  We are trying to teach her that Christmas is not only for receiving but more importantly for giving as well.

I wanted to get the miniature Wedgewood cup and saucer and teapot that can be used for Christmas decorations.  We went and had a look in David Jones and luckily they had them both.  They also had the Royal Albert ones so I got them too.

On the way to Ikea we passed this playground that Katie wanted to play on so we promised her that we would come back to it.  Ikea did not have any of the containers that I wanted.

Back we went to the playground and spent the remainder of the afternoon there.  It was quite windy and cool but somehow this does not deter kids from playing.

While driving around we noticed that a lot of homes have their Christmas lights and decorations up.  The Brewery were to turn on the Riverbank lights tonight but it was too cold to go out so that will have to be for next time.

From the Lens...........Christmas Decor


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