Thursday, September 30, 2010


Thursday 30th September, 2010

The day was progressing as normal, had just finished vacuuming when the doorbell rang.  There standing at the door was Tori and her friend Jess.....what a lovely surprise!

Typical teenagers.....raided the pantry and fridge looking for something to  Being school holidays they seem to be keeping themselves out of mischief.  Tori was working part time at Hungry Jacks but gave her notice as she was working at Gepps Cross outlet and found it was hard to get to and from work.  She is now looking for something closer to where she is living.

Also while they were here the Telstra technician showed up.  Last night Tony was having trouble connecting to the internet on his laptop and so he rang Tech Support.  After spending nearly 2 hours on the phone with them, including having to ring them 3 times as once he was disconnected, one girl had no idea what he was talking about and finally the third person was not much better and kept saying "I'll get a Tech to come out".  In frustration he shut down his laptop, turned it on and internet.

Anyway the technician showed up, checked out both computers but found nothing wrong.  We have a wifi cable modem and it was working perfectly.  While here he gave me a couple of programs for music and movie downloads.

The girls left around 4.oo pm and so I had a few things to do and then it was time to start dinner.  Tony does not seem to have any problems with his laptop tonight.

From the Lens...........Tori, photo taken by Jess

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just Rambling

Wednesday 29th September, 2010

*outside my window.......the day looks chilly outside
*on my mind.......made a to-do list....UGH!!!
*need to........get all Tony's tax papers in orders, we only have until the end of October to lodge his tax return
*around the house.........getting there with the housework, just need to vacuum and wash the floors.  
*from the kitchen..........I can hear Tony doing the dinner dishes.  We have a dishwasher but it needs new seals as it leaks.
*one of my favourite things..........sitting at the computer with no-one to bother me.
* to make a start on the calendars for 2011
*my have a cleaner come in once a week to clean and vacuum, but Tony keeps telling me I'd never be happy with their work
*thinking of..........Tony's mum, today would have been her 98th birthday

From the Lens.........only the second time in 16 years that my orchid has flowered


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On the Improve

Tuesday 28th September, 2010

Today my back is feeling a lot better.  Had a better nights sleep last night so this morning I feel quite good.  Gotta get stuck into some housework today so I'll see how I go.

Managed to get some work done, and even some washing.
Tony rang to let me know that the remotes for the car were here so I could go and pick them up.

What a difference the new remote makes.  One click and the car is locked or opened.  The old remote you had to click,click, click a few times, even hold it close to the front of the car to get it to either lock or open the car.

From the Lens..........the new remote for the car

Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm Suffering

Monday 27th September, 2010

Oh Boy!  I know I worked hard yesterday, my back is telling me today.  I didn't sleep much last night as no matter which way I lay I just could not get comfortable.  We have a water bed and it's not the best to sleep on when you have back problems.

As the day progresses I will have to take some pain killers as I have got housework to do this week.  Oh, the joys of ageing!!!
I always remember my mum telling me "one day you'll know what it's like" as I used to sit and listen to her complain about all her aches and pains.  How true are those words now.

Tony came home from work and said Tori paid him another visit at work today.  She had some of her friends with her and asked if Tony would take them up onto the roof.  The building he looks after is Adelaide's tallest and it has magnificent views.....west to the beaches and east to the hills.

From the Lens.........the back garden

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Into the Garden

Sunday 26th September, 2010

The day outside doesn't look too bad.  A light breeze, bit of sunshine, so I think it would be a good time to get out in the garden.

What a great day.....we achieved so much.  Cleaned up out the back, washed down the table and chairs, weeded both front and back gardens, and mowed the lawn.

Feels so good to have the outside of the house nice and tidy.  That's one of the drawbacks of winter......too cold and wet to get outside and tidy up.  Plus you no sooner do it and the wind blows all the leaves and dirt back in again.

From the first white Iris for spring

It's A Draw

 Saturday 25th September, 2010

The last 24 hours have not been so good for me.   Have had some sort of tummy bug but thank goodness all seems to be OK now.

Today is footy Grand Final day.....St Kilda v Collingwood.
Even though I don't support either team I would like to see a Saints win.  Who could barrack for Collingwood?

We had to go and and get 2 new remotes for the for me and one for Tony.  I haven't had a remote for ages and the one we use is starting to lose its effectiveness.  Would hate to not be able to unlock the car or start it.

We decided to go for a drive down south......haven't been down there for ages.  Lucky the Southern Expressway was open (this is a one way freeway, it's open 1 way for 12 hours and then is reversed so depending on which time of day you decide to go down south you either get to go on it or not).

Had some lunch at Christies Beach, then travelled further south down through Myponga, Carackalinga, Normanville
and then onto Victor Harbor.

The footy was starting to get exciting, so we sat in the car and listened to the last 20 minutes.  The Saints hit the front with about 5 minutes to go and then the Pies came back and led by a point.  The Saints had a kick for goal but only scored a behind and so the points were locked away at 68 points apiece.  That is how the game finished. 

 Everyone was stunned, the players, supporters and coaches.  Oh well, they have to replay it again next Saturday.  Bit of a let down after so much build up.  This is only the third time a draw has resulted and the last time was in 1977 and Collingwood was involved in that one too against North Melbourne.

We went and had a coffee and then headed back home.  It was a great day!

From the Lens............the colours of Australia, Green and Gold

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sick Kids

Thursday 23rd September, 2010

Tanecia went into Modbury hospital today to have her tonsils out. Tony and I went into see her when he finished work.  She was still pretty groggy, dozing on and off.  

Katie also is not feeling well.  She went to the Dr today as she had a high fever, vomiting and coughing.  The Dr said it was most probably the flu.......let's hope it's not the swine flu as there has been a remarkably large increase of people who have got it.....especially pre-school children. 

The weather looks like it's on the rain at all this week and Sunday they are forecasting a temperature of 21.  YAY!!!!  That means we will be able to get out in the garden, tidy up the pot plants and sweep the pavers.  The rain is due back again Monday :(

From the Lens........poor Tanecia after her Op

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Moon Lantern Festival

Wednesday 22nd September, 2010

In Asia, today is their Moon Lantern Festival.  In Adelaide as part of the OzAsia Festival they are celebrating it tonight in Elder Park and we plan on going.

Had a surprise phone call today from Tori.  I was soooo happy to hear from her.   Jodi and her have been having problems so Tori decided to move out of home.    Hopefully this 'living away from home' is only a short term thing.  Tori is lucky she has friends who are willing to take her in.

Tori called into Tony's work with some of her friends and rang me from there.  Tony had told her we were going to the Festival and so she rang to ask if it would be OK for her and Craig to come.  Of course I said "YES".

Sadly Tori didn't end up coming up with us tonight.....there was some communication mixup.  She had ended up catching the bus to our place and then came into town with me to meet Tony and Craig, but when she eventually contacted Craig he was already home from work.  She decided she didn't want to go to the Festival so caught the bus back home.

Tony and I went to the Festival.  It was cold down by the river, but the parade of lanterns was awesome.  People had gone to a lot of trouble to make the larger lanterns and the school children were proud to show off the ones they had made as well.  The night finished with fireworks. 

From the Lens...........some of the awesome lanterns

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Not Much Happening

Tuesday 21st September, 2010

*just finished.......sorting the laundry and got the first load in the washing machine
*finally.........made a phone call to Dianne, long overdue
*listening to........the radio discussing the upcoming Commonwealth Games in India and why they should be cancelled.  If I was an athlete there would be no way I would go.
*from the kitchen..........a much needed coffee
*from my window.........looks like a beautiful day outside, maybe the weatherman has got it right

Tonight we have to go over to Jodi's as she wants Tony to help her with setting up folders on her computer for this course she is doing by correspondence. 

From the Lens...........the spillway at Kangaroo Creek Dam

Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Katie!!!

Monday 20th September, 2010

Today is our precious granddaughter's birthday.  She is turning 9.  Happy Birthday Katie!!!   Nanna and Poppa love you so very much and hope your day today is as special as you are.

Didn't blog over the weekend......was having too much fun.  Saturday morning Katie wanted to make some cupcakes, so she did all the work....I just supervised.  In the afternoon we went for a drive into the Adelaide Hills, the spillway from Kangaroo Creek Dam was overflowing.  We ended up at Gumeracha where Katie had fun playing on the playground and stepping over the stones in the small creek.   Called into the Giant Rocking Horse but as it was getting late we didn't go in even though Katie wanted to climb it.

Sunday morning we were up early and iced the cupcakes and made some teacups.

Jodi brought Taylor over later in the morning.  She had made Katie a birthday cake.  Katie was sooooo excited with her birthday gifts.  She had already got a doll's pram and Baby Alive doll from us earlier, but we got her more Pet Shop animals and a cute Nintendo dog.  From Taylor she got a Moxie doll and also one from Rick and Dianne.

In the afternoon we took the girls to the movies.  Went and saw "Cats and Dogs- Revenge of Kitty Galore",   It was so exciting that Tony and I both had nanna naps during it.  After the movie we went across to the park for the girls to have a play and have some of the cupcakes Katie had made.  YUM -they were delicious!!!  The rest of the cakes and teapots she wanted to take home and take some to school for her friends.

After dropping Taylor back home we went down to Glenelg to drop Katie off.  Tony and I then headed off to Semaphore for some dinner by the beach.  A perfect way to end a great weekend.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekend is Nearly Here

Friday 17th September, 2010

Tonight we pick up the gorgeous Katie and I know we are going to be in for a funfilled weekend.  This weekend is a special one too, but more about that in a couple of days time.

After picking up Tony and then Katie we went to the Central Market to get some fruit and veges and meat for the weekend.  Called into Northpark on the way home for some groceries, Katie decided she wanted Barnacle Bills for tea and so we had that, prawns and chips.

Katie got the results of her NAP test.   We were extremely pleased with her results.  In some areas she was higher than the National Average, the only area that showed a weakness was in Grammar and Punctuation, for this she achieved a Level 2.  Her writing and spelling was Level 4, and her Reading and Numeracy was Level 3.

From the Lens.......Katie planted these bulbs back in May and now they are flowering much to her delight.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Love My Life

Thursday 16th September, 2010

Two weeks of doing a blog and I am struggling to find things to write about. 

I am just a stay at home wife that leads a fairly boring life during the week.  All I do is clean, cook, wash, iron, pay bills, shop.   But I wouldn't have it any other way.   I love my life, am my own boss, do what I want when I want, have no-one to answer to, Tony has never questioned, in our 38 years of marriage, why such and such hasn't been done.

I have not been in paid employment for over 33 years.  Oh, I have done the usual school duties.....reading, canteen, helping out at after school activities with Crafts and sports.  I have been on the committee of my son's Soccer Clubs, helped out at a friends Deli so that they could have the day off and have done cake decorating and ceramics.  Now I love photography and paper and digital Scrapbooking.

We have travelled to every state in Australia, lived in Darwin for 2 years, and been across the Tasman to New Zealand.  I have no real desire to travel any further afield but Tony would like to go to Europe.  He came as a young boy from Holland to Australia and would like to go back for a visit.  Wish they still had the Concorde flying which could get us over there in a few hours, I don't think I could be in a plane for hours on end.  Just flying from Adelaide to Melbourne (approx 1 hour) is too long for me.

From the home

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Aussie Aussie Aussie.....Oi Oi Oi

Wednesday 15th September, 2010

It is 10 years today since the start of the Sydney Olympics and there is a big celebration today in Sydney at the Sydney Olympic Stadium with athletes and the volunteers.  My most memorable moment was when Cathy Freeman lit the Olympic Flame

She went on to win the 400 metres.  The biggest star for Australia was Ian Thorpe who won 5 gold medals in swimming.  These were the best games ever, as announced by the IOC Chairman, Juan Antonio Samaranch, something Australia is very proud of.

The days are still cool and we've been having rain during the night.  Last year around this time we were having days around 30 degrees, now we are struggling to get the temperature to 20 degrees.  The next 7 days is forecast to get to only 15 degrees.  I am praying for the days to get warmer.

From the Lens......Sydney Habour Bridge and Opera House

We spent a week in Sydney in November 2008 going over there for my cousins' daughters' wedding.  Staying at Manly we caught the ferry into the city every day and as the ferry straightened up one sight we never tired of was the Bridge and Opera House.  The Opera House is where Oprah Winfrey will be telecasting her show when she comes to Sydney later  this year.  They say it will be known as "Oprah House" while she is here.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

There are Fairies in My Garden

Tuesday 14th September, 2010

Just a quickie post today, need to rest up before Katie comes again this weekend.

*I am eating .......melon and mango cheese with crackers
*need to.....get off my butt and have a shower
*I have to......ring my friend, Dianne
*I am thankful darling husband  
*from the kitchen......morning dishes waiting to be done

OMG how lucky are some people......Oprah Winfrey is bringing her show to Sydney in December and apparently she is bringing the 300 people (fully paid for by her) that were in her audience when she announced it.  They are going to be spending 8 days here including visiting Kangaroo Island (just off the SA coast) and Uluru. They will have the most fabulous time.

I have sciatica and it was really playing up today.  I didn't feel like cooking dinner tonight, so Tony did. He cooked the only thing he knows how......eggs with bacon and tomatoes and melted cheese.  It was YUMMY!!!  Thankyou darling!

From the Lens.........there are fairies in my garden

Monday, September 13, 2010

Start of a New Week

Monday 13th September, 2010

Nothing much happened today.  Weather was quite nice until this evening when the rain came back.

Went and picked Tony up from work, then went for a drive along the new Northern Expressway which opened this afternoon.  It goes from Pt Wakefield Road to Gawler Bypass.
Great to use if you plan on going to the Riverland or the Barossa Valley as it cuts out all the Traffic lights on Main North Road from Grand Junction Road, through Salisbury, Elizabeth and Munno Para.

We went and did some grocery shopping, then had dinner at Cafe Verde.

From the Lens..........there's a bear hiding in there

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Love Springtime

Sunday 12th September, 2010

What a beautiful morning to wake to......sun shining, birds singing, gentle breeze.  No heater needed today and front door open letting in some fresh air.  Oh, I love springtime!

Caught up on some housework.....Tony helped by cleaning the kitchen, shower and vacuuming while I dusted and finished off the washing.  I am so lucky to have a wonderful husband.....he spoils me rotten!

After finishing the housework we went for a drive ,  had dinner out and got back around 8.00pm. 

Heard from Katie, they arrived back from Melbourne and by the sounds of it she had a great time, will hear more about it this weekend when she comes to stay.

From the Lens.......while out we got coffee

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Day That Changed The World

Saturday 11th September, 2010

Oh crap 10.00 am and I just got out of bed.  Hate that as I feel half the day has gone already.  I remember years ago it was no problem for me to get up at 11 am or later, get stuck into the housework and still have 'free' time, but now as I age I get slower and it takes me forever to do anything.  I have learned one thing though in my 'old' age......tomorrow is another day.  I am afraid housework takes a back seat these days, as long as the place is tidy that's OK with me.

I believe that when friends come to visit, they should come to visit you, not notice how clean/dirty the house is or see what you've got that's new.

After my coffee I am going to clean out the fridge.....that's the plan anyway......Tony's here to help.

The day outside doesn't look too bad either so maybe there might be some time to spend in the garden.

9 years ago today was that terrible day in the world's history.  The years have passed but the memory is as fresh as if it happened yesterday.  It is one of those events that we all know what we were doing when the planes flew into the Twin Towers in New York on that fateful morning.  Here in Australia it was around 11.00 pm on a  Monday night that the news came through, Tony had just gone to bed and I was finishing up on the computer.

When I heard the news on the radio I went and turned the TV on, went in and woke Tony and we watched the events unfold before our eyes.  It was unbelievable what we were seeing, the second plane flying into the tower, people running through the streets, confused not knowing what was happening, and then they crossed to Washington where a plane had flown into The Pentagon.

We sat in shock watching the TV until around 1am when Tony went back to bed.  I sat there till around 3am when I could no longer stay awake.

Today my thoughts and prayers are with all those families and friends who lost loved ones.

A day in the worlds history we never ever want to see repeated.

From the lens..........Spring Blossom

Come September and these trees full of blossom line Forrest Court making it a beautiful sight.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Friday 10th September, 2010

Love Fridays......end of the week, weekend is just around the corner.

Got an appointment to have my nails done today...... 3 weeks fly by, but I can't leave them any longer as they grow too long and I find they get in the way when doing housework (good excuse not to do any LOL).

Oh no!!!! ready to leave for my appointment, get in the dead as.  Now waiting for the RAA to jump start it.

After we had the new alternator put in, Tony had to reset the car radio, but apparently the mechanic had already tried and so after 3 tries you have to wait 2 hours to redo it.  Well guess what?  Tony left the keys in the ignition, turned on to Accessories, with every intention of going back 2 hours later but forgot even though I did remind him Wednesday night that the radio needed to be done, and now we have a flat battery.  MEN!!!!!!!!!

Got to reschedule my appointment, hopefully for later this afternoon.

The RAA came and got the car running again, and I managed to get in to have my nails done.  Thanks Zoe.

After that went into the city to pick Tony up from work.
While there we went and had coffee and cake, our favourite cafe, Coffee 'N Cream, has closed down and so we tried Muffin Break. We did some shopping.  Went back to the office and Tony printed out some photos of Katie on his A3 printer.

Price of petrol is still low.....we got it for 100.3 cents/litre....don't know how long it will stay at this price.

From the and cake

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Thursday 9th September, 2010

Rain, rain and more rain....when will it stop!!!  I know we live in the driest state in the driest continent but fair go.....some nice dry warm days would be the go right now.  Please Mr Weatherman!!!   In a few months we will be complaining about the heat and wishing for some rain....why are we never satisfied with the weather?

The weatherman must be reading this.....we have sunshine.....YAY!!!!  But what's that I hear......showers returning this evening....oh well overnight is OK.

What a difference a bit of sunshine makes.  The ironing is done, just need to fold the rest of the laundry. 

*Listening to.............Adam Brand CD "It's Gonna Be OK"
*From the kitchen......the smell of dinner cooking
*On my mind........wondering if Katie has arrived in Melbourne yet, they left this morning to  go over for Zoe's birthday
*noticing that..........the carpet needs vacuuming

*From the Lens.........Blueberry Smoothie......YUM!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hump Day

Wednesday 8th September, 2010

Not much was achieved yesterday and so today I gotta get the laundry done.  It looks like the wet weather is going to return for the next few days.  At least the days are starting to get 'warmer',  forecast temp of 19 today, not the usual 13 or 14 we have been having.

Got a few loads of washing done, still more to do but tomorrow is another day.  I am not feeling too well so I think it will be early to bed.  My sweet hubby just brought me in a coffee....he does this every night around the same time.....8.30 pm

From the Lens........spring bulbs

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Now For Some ME Time

Tuesday 7th September, 2010

Dropped Katie off last for some me time instead of "Nanna can you play with me", "Nanna can we go to the park", "Nanna I'm hungry".  Still, I wouldn't have it any other way when she comes to stay.....we LOVE her to bits.

*From my window..........cloudless sky, sun shining, a perfect day

*I am nightie, late start this morning

*Need to............sort the clothes and start the washing machine

*Eating..........juicy mandarins

*Listening to...........a magpie outside the window

*Around the house......still need to clean up after Katie's visit, change the sheets on her bed

*Plans for the rest of the week.............not much....housework, washing, ironing

*From the in the pond

The Independants have finally made their choice as to who they are going to support.  It looks like Bob Katter will side with the Liberal Coalition and the other 2 are going with Labor.
Julia Gillard will be our first female elected Prime Minister.....the next three years will be a challenge for the Government.  I wonder if they will see out their term!

Monday, September 6, 2010

People Free Day

Monday 6th September, 2010

I feel so tired today after our day at the Show.  Katie slept again last night as today was no school for her due to a Pupil free day.  Perhaps I slept too well.

Tony had to drop the car off to have the alternator replaced, so later on we will have to catch the bus to go and pick it up.  Katie got up and is trying to learn how to ride the rip-stick.....she gets so frustrated that she can't do it straight away.

Early afternoon we went off to catch the bus to go and collect the car and Katie saw some school kids.
"Is it a school day Nanna?" she asked.
"Yes,"  I told her, "but you have a pupil free day".
"Does Poppa's work ever have a People Free Day?" she asked
"No, they don't". I laughed.
"Well they should, Poppa could do with a rest." she remarked.

Now there's an idea!

From the Lens........ the Rip-Stick

Happy Father's Day

Sunday 5th September, 2010

A very Happy Father's Day to all Dads, especially to my wonderful husband, father and poppa.

Hmmm the weather outside looks a bit iffy, the sun is trying to peak through the clouds but today is Show day for us.  Katie woke up early and was ready to go, no problem getting her out of bed today.  On the way she said, "my legs are getting very excited to be going to the Show".

It turned out to be a funtastic day....we had so much fun despite the showers.  When we got to the show Katie went and chose her showbags....Beanie Kids, the Mega Showbag simply for the fact that it had a rip-stick, and LA Ink for the 'hip hop" hat.  We also did the Yellow Brick Road which is always a lot of fun going to the different stalls situated throughout the showgrounds and picking up the goodies they offer, like oranges, apples, pears, carrots, bread, snack bars, yoghurt.

She had several rides including the Magic Circus, Traffic Jam, Crazy Coaster.  She went on the Carnevil Castle with her Poppa but  was not amused...."I am never going on that again," she exclaimed, "I was soooo scared!"  She wanted a ride on the Rock N Roll and so Poppa said he would go with her, but I don't think he will be going again any time soon.  It was advertised as being the fastest ride at the Show and it was....forwards and then backwards and when it got up to speed the cars just became a blur.  Katie loved it!!!

We met up with Jodi, Troy and Taylor.  Katie and Taylor enjoyed a couple of rides together.

Katie also won a Unicorn and Monkey on the sideshows.

We walked around looking at some of the animals.......pigs, sheep, cows......she even had a go at trying to milk one.  We went into the shed where they have a dairy set up and when she saw how the cows are hooked up to the milking machines she declared she was never going to drink milk again.  In the animal nursery she loved watching the piglets trying to feed from the mother.

By the time we arrived home we were all utterly exhausted and ready for bed.  So glad the Show only comes around once a year.

From the Lens.......It's Showtime

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wet and Wild Weather Continues

Saturday 4th September, 2010

The wet weather and very windy conditions continue.  Praise be to our SES volunteers who are out protecting peoples' properties with sandbags, fixing roofs and water damage to peoples' homes and removing fallen trees from roads.

Hope this weather improves so that we can enjoy our time at the Show tomorrow.

This morning we were up early as Tony rang to try and book the car in to get the alternator fixed.  He managed to get it booked in, so we went to the Plaza.  While the car was being looked at we had breakfast at Billy Baxters, Katie wanted McDonalds.  While enjoying our breakfast the mechanic rang to inform us that he couldn't get a replacement alternator, but the car was still putting out a charge so we should be OK for the weekend and to take it back Monday.

Katie's joke for the day.......

             "What do you call a boomerang that doesn't come back?"
             "A stick"

From the lens...........Wet and Windy

Friday, September 3, 2010

It's Showtime

Friday 3rd September, 2010

Today is the start of the Adelaide Show, an event that  goes for 9 days.  The weather is not going to be kind for the first few days with rain and showers forecast.  We plan on taking our granddaughter Katie, Sunday.

Tonight we pick up Katie and then are going to the Watermark Hotel at Glenelg where family and friends will celebrate Jodi's birthday. 

*outside my window.............grey skies and very windy
*11.12am............... having a fierce electrical storm....lots of thunder and      lightning*                                                
*listening to............the garbage truck coming up the street
*need to............get some ironing done

After picking up Katie we noticed the alternator light kept coming on.    Tony could only drive with the parking lights on as he wanted to preserve as much charge in the battery as he could.  We managed to get down to Glenelg for dinner and back home again. 

Dinner at the Watermark was yummalicious, a smorgasboard of all you could eat, Soups, Chinese, Italian, Indian, Roasts, Salads and Desserts to die for.

From the Lens...........