Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yayyy I am officially a blogger

Wednesday 1st September, 2010

My first blogger post.  This is nerve wracking  lol.
How hard is it to put a few words onto a computer screen....yikes!!!!   Help!!

Well today is officially the first day of Spring.  It will be nice to have some warmer weather instead of the gloomy days we have had for most of Winter.  They say it has been one of our coldest winters for several years and also the wettest.  They are talking about lifting some of our water restrictions on December 1st.

We had a Federal election on August 21st and still we do not know who is going to govern the country.  Liberal has 73 seats, Labor has 72 and the Greens have signed an agreement to side with Labor.  The 3 Independants are talking to both parties to see which side they will follow.  The 4th Independant was supposed to have announced yesterday what side he will go with but no word yet on his decision.

Tony started back at work with Knight Frank again today.  Global Facility Management ceased looking after Westpac House as from 5.00pm August 31st.  It was only confirmed that he would be working for Knight Frank late Monday evening, but as yet there has been no word on his package.

From outside my window........overcast....it has been raining
Listening to........the washing machine filling up with water
Need to......start preparing the meat to put in the slow cooker for dinner, having Beef Curry 
From the Lens......Spring has sprung.....blossom on the peach tree